The Courant gives over nearly its entire Life section today to a celebration of gay activism, in the process demonstrating how tone-deaf they are to the concerns of most of their readers:

Connecticut now has laws that protect against hate crimes and discrimination based on sexual orientation and last year passed a law allowing civil unions – a step short of the marriage equality advocates would like to see. For the most part no one bats an eye at the gay presence that is everywhere: television shows, the workplace, the community.

The paper lazily accepts as fact the pro same-sex “marriage” movement’s description of their cause—even using those activists’ favorite buzzphrase—and reports falsely that no one is troubled by a movement that seeks to radically re-define marriage and the family. More:

Another part of this year’s festival – a youth dance on Saturday night for ages 14 to 21 – demonstrates another aspect of gay life that has changed greatly over the years… “This is not to say kids have an easy time coming out,” said Lang, but with the prevalence of gay/straight alliances in high schools and with television shows featuring gay and lesbian performers, it’s perhaps a bit less isolating and traumatic.

To say that “no one bats an eye” at this is to show how out-of-touch are the elitists at the Courant. FIC is regularly bombarded with calls from concerned parents asking why the public schools and pop culture are proselytizing their children on behalf of the gay agenda. “Gay/straight alliances” are just the tip of the iceberg.

A recent story about the promotion of a Courant editor included the usual references to staff cuts and declining circulation. But the reason for the Courant’s—and the industry’s—woes are no mystery. If they want to know what ails them all they have to do is read their own Life section.

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