Speaking of campaigns, a few recent blog items touch directly on FIC Action Committee. Doug Wrenn has a good piece up on Radio Free West Hartford about pro same-sex “marriage” Rep. Michael Lawlor’s Republican opponent:

Family and traditional values will be represented and defended with the candidacy of Republican Dan McCann for the 99th Assembly District in East Haven. This is a significant race which will have statewide impact as McCann is once again challenging liberal Democrat incumbent Mike Lawlor, who, in his position of Co-Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, has successfully pushed civil unions down our throats against what many say is the majority will of the state’s citizens. Lawlor has been a flagrant adversary to families and traditional values, and in his last race, went so far as calling supporters of the Family Institute of Connecticut (FIC), “out of town extremists.” (See my October 25, 2004 column, “A Response To Representative Lawlor From One Of Those ‘Out Of Town Extremists.‘”) Dan McCann is now back for a greater shot at Lawlor’s seat, with even more support and more name recognition than last time. McCann’s ideology and candidacy defy the radical lunacy that families, and those who support them are “extremists.”
And one of the more “moonbatty” of the local lefty blogs has an item linking 12th Senate District Republican candidate Gregg Hannan to—gasp!—FIC:

Republican Rell had her staff intimately parading with Gregg Hannan.  Who, you may ask, is Gregg Hannan?  For those of you who do not know, Gregg Hannan is running against Ed Meyer.  Gregg Hannan is a principle member of the Connecticut Families Institute… CFI is closely associated with Family Research Council in Washinton DC… They are a neoconservative, religiously involved lobbying group. 

It’s FIC, not “CFI” and Gregg is a former board member, not “a principle member,” whatever that is. But you have to love the sinister reference to our being “religiously involved” (quick: cue scary music). See my Sept. 13th blog for further thoughts on local lefty blogs and their Christianphobia. As for Gregg and Dan, we wish them every success. You will be hearing more about them and other pro-family candidates soon.

In the meantime, consider some of these comments on that lefty blog to get a sense of the sort of folks that oppose Gregg:

[Rell] also grew up in Virginia, a red state http://en.wikipedia….. That makes her automatically suspect. The last thing My Connecticut needs is some southern Republican running it. This puts her on automatic thin ice in my book…

…she promotes goons like Hannan to push her Religious Agenda. Republican Rell is too conservative for CT. No reverse carpetbaggers.

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