“The Christian Taliban Rallies to Hannan’s Defense” cries the lefty blog I linked to last week:

When a extremist fundamentalist outfit like Family Institute of Connecticut calls you “moonbatty,” you know you’re doing something right… Meantime, FIC has scrupulously scrubbed its web site of Hannon’s wacky anti-woman, anti-gay rhetoric.

Typical of the genre, our poor lefty blogger is conspiratorial and over the top. We’ve never posted anything by Gregg—or most board members—on our site. And comparing a group advocating positions you disagree with to mass murderers is evidence of, shall we say, a failure to make distinctions. The folks who comment on these sites also provide some gems:

I’ve had three members of the Republican Town Committee in Branford tell me they would NEVER vote for Greg Hannan.If you want to be a mouth breathing bigot between elections you can’t run as a “family values” guy come election time.

In other news, yesterday’s Sunday Republican ran this op-ed by Brian and me regarding the opponents of pro-family candidates Sam Caligiuri and Ed Pocock:

Masking their gay advocacy
Greater Waterbury legisla­tors are often the greatest allies pro-family support­ers have at the Capitol.
  Same-sex “marriage” activists know they can only elect a candidate from this region by stealth. Two local races show how they try to do it.
  David Zoni, the Democrats running in the 16th Senate District (Wolcott, Southington and parts of Waterbury and Cheshire), supports same-sex “marriage”; he just doesn’t want any­one to know it.
  The single largest contributor to Zoni’s campaign thus far has been Love Makes a Family, a group that is so extreme that it initially opposed civil-unions legislation for not being radical enough.
  Its executive director, Anne Stan­back, compared civil unions to apartheid and said her group would wait until after the 2006 elections to push for same-sex “marriage” so that candidates who support such legisla­tion would not have to suffer electoral consequences.
  To qualify for contributions from Love Makes a Family, candidates must make certain commitments.
  They first get a questionnaire asking whether they support same-sex “mar­riage,” “transgender rights” and other positions from which most 16th Dis­trict voters would recoil. Candidates who do not answer to Love Makes a Family’s liking don’t get the funding.
  Candidates who do, such as David Zoni, get money.
  Does David Zoni want the voters to know he supports Love Makes a Fami­ly’s radical agenda? Of course not. He knows the overwhelming majority of voters in Waterbury, Wolcott, Cheshire and Southington oppose this anti-family, anti-faith attempt to rede­fine marriage. So what does he do? He hides his position. In fact, nowhere is his support of same-sex “marriage” made clear on his Web site or in his campaign literature.
  Indeed, the only way a voter could find this out is by going through the te­dious task of sorting through cam­paign- finance forms. We have done this, and Zoni’s support for same-sex “marriage” is just the tip of the ice­berg.
  His campaign filing shows that an overwhelming number of Waterbury firefighters — 121 — donated to his campaign. With this many firefighters contributing, it would appear superi­ors at fire stations in Waterbury en­couraged the rank-and-file to support him. Did these firefighters know that the money they were spending would be used to redefine marriage and the family? Given Zoni’s record in hiding his positions from the public, one can safely assume they did not. Will Zoni honor refund requests from firefight­ers who realize too late what their money will be spent on? We think not.
  His filings also disclose that this is not the only campaign that Zoni has been involved in that supports same­sex “marriage.” Zoni has until recent­ly served as treasurer for Rep. Joe Aresimowicz, D-Southington. Sure enough, Love Makes a Family was one of the largest donors to Aresimowicz’s campaign in his last election.
  And like Zoni, Aresimowicz refused to discuss his support for same-sex “marriage” in that election. When in office, not only did he vote for civil unions, he toed the Love Makes a Family line by voting against a bill that defined marriage as the union of a man and a woman.
  Aresimowicz is up for election again, and again his support of same­sex “marriage” is curiously absent from his campaign literature.
  It’s high time for these candidates to be honest with voters. If Zoni and Aresimowicz want to run on their un­popular and radical agendas, so be it.
  They should make their support of same-sex “marriage” clear, let the voters know what other commitments they have made to Love Makes a Fam­ily, and let the cards fall where they may on Nov. 7.
  Given their records, we won’t be holding our breath.

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