On July 11th two FIC members testified against including elective abortion as an “essential health benefit” when ObamaCare goes into effect in Connecticut. You can read all about it on our July 12th email alert.

FIC was not the only group fighting against the Connecticut Abortion Mandate. Nicole Peck, of Silent No More, was alerted to the July 11th Health Insurance Exchange meeting by CT Right to Life and gave the following testimony:

I want women and you to know the TRUTH about abortion and it’s devastating impact on our lives.  Post-abortive women and men are the voice that must be heard in the healthcare debate.  I believe in and trust women.  I believe that every woman should be able to make decisions about her own body and healthcare.  On that point, I think we all agree. However, I want women to make informed decisions; women need to understand that it is a baby and has a beating heart around 21 days.  It is simply not a blob of tissue.  I want them to know what can happen to them after an abortion.

Abortion is not healthcare and does not help women, our families, and our future legacy as a state and country.  Abortion left me unable to conceive another child.  It is a choice I regret to this day.  I found out I was infertile when I married in my 40’s and wanted a child.  The “choice” I made at age 15 not only affected me but my husband and future generations of our family.  I was never told the truth about abortion and its devastating effects, such as infertility, breast cancer, future miscarriages, drug and alcohol abuse, eating disorders, depression, suicide, relationship problems; the list goes on.  The effects of abortion are real and life altering.  It is not a simple procedure and the medical community is not really prepared to help post-abortive women and men in our current healthcare system with the myriad of problems that arise later.  Post abortive women struggle with painful feelings from their abortion and suffer in silence and feel alone and they don’t talk about it.  If abortion really is so good for women, why don’t we talk about it?  Men also regret their abortions and lost fatherhood, too.

Women are still dying from abortion like Laura Smith from Cape Cod (Hyannis), MA who hemorrhaged to death from an abortion gone awry in 2007.  That is not healthcare. We should be protecting women from harm and giving them the truth about abortion.  And one of those facts is that it is a surgical procedure with risks of death as well as future emotional, spiritual, physical, and psychological consequences often 5, 10, 15 or more years after the abortion.

Unplanned or crisis pregnancies can be devastating; I know that personally.  However, real healthcare would help the woman or couple in this situation.  Abortion appears to be the easy answer at the time; however, the long-term effects cannot be minimized and is certainly not healthcare.  A woman in an unplanned pregnancy needs love, support, and a helping hand and healthcare that provides for all her options – not the termination of her pregnancy and all of the problems that follow.  There are a number of pregnancy centers in Connecticut that are more than willing to help a woman or couple in this situation.

To be honest, adoption seems to be the forgotten option!  Had I known about adoption as an option, perhaps I could have had a relationship with my child today who would be 35 yrs old.  Adoption is close to my own heart because my husband and I decided to adopt due to infertility from my abortion.  I never thought I would have children and yet God had another plan and blessed us with two adopted sons, 5 yrs old and 2 weeks.  Adoption is a blessing and really is the best choice for everyone!

Abortion and abortifacients are NOT healthcare and should not be mandated by our healthcare system.  Abortion is not the only option and should not be mandated!

There was another meeting of the Connecticut Health Insurance Exchange on July 26th. We will have more information for you soon on the results of that meeting.

2 Responses to “Elective Abortion an ObamaCare “Essential Heath Benefit” in Connecticut?”

  1. on 06 Aug 2012 at 5:28 pmRich

    There’s more to this sad story.

    The selling of the essential benefits bill and contraception mandates are based on cooked data.

    Sexually Transmitted Diseases, both incident and costs, are skyrocketing in the liberal states.

    There are several studies performed here and in England that the Pill in all its forms creates a more casual atmosphere for sex at ever younger ages. Minority infection rates are over 50% in major cities.

    the analysis used by proponents never looked at the full lifecycle of sexual activity–just the unwanted pregnancy angle,

    The real War on Women is the STD epidemic with the seeming goal of a 100% infection rate for minority women aged 15-24.

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