FIC Action Committee endorses Mark Boughton in the Republican primary for Lt. Governor.

Boughton’s opponent, Lisa Wilson-Foley, is a self-described “social liberal” who has proudly proclaimed her support for abortion on demand at Republican Town Committee meetings.

Mark Boughton supports our values. He supports the passing of a parental notification law and a ban on partial-birth abortion. He told us that the CT Supreme Court decision redefining marriage was a “terrible” ruling that bypassed the democratic process and that there ought to be a full public discussion with public input on the definition of marriage.

We urge every Republican to vote for Mark Boughton this Tuesday, August 10th and to call his campaign at 267-362-9671 to volunteer for him.

We also encourage you to vote for and volunteer for the other pro-family candidates we have endorsed. This is the final push. The primary election is almost here and we need every vote for our endorsed candidates to win. Please post our endorsement blog to your Facebook page, e-mail it out to your entire list and call everyone you know. Every vote can make the difference! This is our best chance for success in many years. Let’s keep the momentum going!

(Paid for by FIC Action Committee, Lawrence Taffner, Treasurer.)

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