From Alliance Defense Fund:

Alliance Defense Fund attorneys and city of Hartford officials have agreed to a settlement that will ensure the protection of citizens’ free speech rights in public areas.  Hartford officials agreed to a permanent injunction against the use of a “breach of peace” statute and a “public disturbance” statute to infringe on constitutionally-protected speech.  In 2006, ADF attorneys filed suit against the city on a behalf of a man arrested for sharing his Christian message in public.

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  1. on 09 Mar 2010 at 3:05 pmTricia

    Living in Fairfield Cty, and not reading the “Courant,” I had missed this good news. Also, trying to keep up with just SOME of the depradations being committed upon Americans’ rights by the current SECULAR PROGRESSIVE government in Washington, D.C.—I have “missed” a lot.

    One of those things I had missed just came to my notice last week, as I read something about the latest gay narcissist action item in D.C.:

    Sen. John Kerry is among 18 senators saying, last Thursday, that “The time has come to change a policy that imposes a lifetime ban on donating blood for any man who has had gay sex since 1977.” They are making this demand, despite the fact that “The FDA, in a statement, said that ‘while FDA appreciates concerns about perceived discrimination, our decision to maintain the deferral policy is based on current science and data and does not give weight to a donor’s sexual orientation.'”

    In reading the article, I became aware of another piece of legislation, from gay activist LOBBYISTS, which had PASSED last year while I was preoccupied with other ECONOMIC and LIBERTY concerns:

    “…the law banning people with HIV from traveling and immigrating to the United States. That ban was lifted last year.”

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