FIC said all along that people have the right to live however they choose but they do not have the right to redefine marriage for all of society. So the news that Hartford and New Haven “were among the top cities for LGBT people to live and work” would not be news to us…were it not for some other news reported in the same day’s print edition of The Courant.

There is the strange case of Samuel See, “a Yale University professor found dead at a detention facility following his arrest in a domestic incident”:

New Haven police responded to a domestic dispute at See’s home the evening of Nov.23. Sunder Ganglani, 32, who identified himself as See’s husband, was at the home in violation of a protective order…

Police said See became enraged and yelled that he shouldn’t be arrested because he was in his own home. He fought with officers who tried handcuffing him, police said.

“I will kill you… I will destroy you,” See allegedly yelled at an officer as he was led to a police car.

And the Manchester woman accused of stabbing her ex-girlfriend in Hartford:

HARTFORD — A 21-year-old woman was arrested Wednesday on charges that she stabbed her former girlfriend during a fight on Bliss Street.

Pamela Landon, of Manchester, faces a single count each of first-degree assault, second-degree strangulation, criminal attempt to commit murder, first-degree reckless endangerment and second-degree breach of peace.

Earlier this past week, The Courant also carried a small item on “a sharp increase in unprotected sex among gay American men, a development that makes it harder to fight the AIDS epidemic”.

Again, what concerns FIC is the negative effects same-sex “marriage” will have on society. Early evidence is already confirming our warnings, though the full effects will not be known for decades. In the meantime–and politically correct pleasantries about Hartford and New Haven notwithstanding–the daily newspapers regularly drop unintentional hints that all is not well in the same-sex “marriage” universe.

2 Responses to “Hartford and New Haven in the Same-Sex “Marriage” Universe”

  1. on 14 Jan 2014 at 9:21 pmDave Rowe

    If there were no cases of violence in heterosexual marriages in the same time period of those listed above you might have a the slightest hope of actually making some sort of point. But, since that was no doubt not the case you’re really really stretching here. The increase of unprotected sex among in some communities of gay men is appalling and inexcusable but again, the connection to same sex marriage is tenuous at best. If all these men were married you could connect the two but that fact is highly unlikely. Looking at the stats of what has been posted here SSM tops the list even more than abortion which is a much greater threat to life and society as a whole. To me this shows an unhealthy obsession which really has no facts to support it. The only argument that it is valid to make is from a theological standpoint. The rest of what you say is opinion, extremely biased opinion and nothing more. Which of course, it’s your blog so what else would you post 🙂 I’m glad there is a voice to counter the excesses of the “other side” but conjecture and predictions of doom will only convince those who already agree with you. Dave

  2. on 16 Jan 2014 at 10:42 amenness

    I don’t know anyone who thinks heterosexual couples are immune to domestic violence or promiscuity, but there’s a big difference between “no cases” as you say and the patently unhealthful way of life that’s bearing fruit here. On a GLBT news site I noticed it too, without trying: usually when you are looking at a website, what pops up in the sidebar will be related stories, but instead what I was seeing was a number of domestic violence incidents that struck even me as unusual. From what I understand, numerous surveys have confirmed high rates. The charmingly quirky domestic scene painted by ‘Modern Family’ doesn’t show people those realities, and there’s a heavy implication by many people who argue for SSM that “You screwed up; here we come to show you how it’s done” because they don’t take it for granted or something like that. Yes, we heteros have done our share of screwing up, but the rest doesn’t follow. The first young same-sex couple I met on moving here have split up and re-partnered within a few years. The point is not that SSM necessarily causes this stuff — it’s that it so obviously did not cure the inner demons that were supposed to be set right by “marriage equality.”

    If you think FIC is “obsessed” in a bad way, you probably don’t understand the history of the organization. When 100,000 people sign a petition for something, you tend not to forget about it. Speaking of unhealthy obsessions, I don’t think it’s so healthy to be constantly marinating in news of what celebrity or athlete came out of the closet today, which seems to be a regular occurrence anymore. I would have liked to be able to get away from all that when I went home for the holidays but you just can’t get away from it unless you want to stop reading news altogether. Just my $.02.

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