Who Hates Who?

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If you were one of the many constituents who travelled to Washington DC last month but couldn’t meet with your congressperson because they were in a “very important meeting”, please know your disappointment was not in vain. You see, we’ve had same-sex “marriage” in Connecticut since November 2008, but our fair elected officials have no, not one thing, more pressing than to meet with a photographer, make-up person(s), stylist and wardrobe person (no, sorry, not that) and finger-wag at New York? . . no. Philadelphia? . . no. Maybe Boston or even Providence? . . no. They took time away from other things . . like the spending cap or Syrian insurgencies . . to mock and vilify the people of Russia. Notwithstanding the questionable affect Yankee elected officials will have over Russian policymakers, and the probable tactic of using, . . hate to fight “hate”, we really want to know what possible message Rosa is trying to convey. Is she communicating directly with her hipster friends in Russia – I think Sochi has exactly 3. And what’s up with Chris “life begins at birth” Murphy and the tape. Did he tape Rosa’s mouth?

Speaking of our congresspeople’s stance on hatred. If they believe the people of Russia are full of “hate” because they prefer their marriages between a man and woman (where, in Sochi right now some gay Olympians, at worst, experience feelings of being left out) to what emotion should we ascribe their feelings about the unborn . . who because of permissive laws on abortion supported by these elected officials, regularly get their limbs torn off and decapitated. Should we ask . . do our congresspeople “hate” the unborn?

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  1. on 16 Feb 2014 at 11:58 amDennis000

    I know I didn’t vote for either one of these liberals. If anyone didn’t know what both of these political hacks were like, shame on all of you for voting for them.

  2. on 18 Feb 2014 at 5:39 pmBill

    Using terms like H8 is a typical brainwashing tactic but we can overcome evil with good. Keep up the good work at the FIC! Some are starting to wonder if a dictatorship in Russia supporting the traditional family and public faith values is in some way better than the developing hyper anti God, anti family environment in America. Its a Brave New World.

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