Pro-family forces have won the same-sex “marriage” legislative battle of 2007:

Sen. Andrew McDonald, D-Stamford, and Rep. Mike Lawlor, D-East Haven, said Friday afternoon they do not intend to push for a vote on same-sex marriage this legislative session, saying the bill does not have enough votes to win…

Opponents of the bill were cheered by Lawlor and McDonald’s decision. “The Family Institute of Connecticut is thrilled that the legislature has heeded the majority of voters in the state who do not want to see marriage radically redefined,” said Peter Wolfgang, the institute’s public policy director.

Our opponents worked for weeks to get a vote on the bill–passed through a committee heavily stacked in favor of same-sex “marriage”–and failed. Why?

It is partly because some legislators don’t want to put it on the line for something as red-hot controversial as same-sex “marriage” in the face of a threatened veto–a veto Gov. Rell never hedged on in any of her remarks.

It is partly because the Democratic caucus itself opposed a vote on the bill. Recall Speaker Amann’s quotes to the CT Post and the New London Day the day after the committee vote: he would call the bill only if his caucus wanted it called.

But it is largely because of you: the pro-family citizens of Connecticut who heeded FIC’s call to make your voices heard at our state capitol. Thanks to you, our Feb. 21st lobby day was a tremendous success, turning out twice as many people as our opponents on a day picked by them (see here and here). Thanks to you, FIC provided the outstanding testimony of Maggie Gallagher, Dawn Stefanowicz, Brian Brown–and over 40 pro-family activists like you–for the most successful public hearing on same-sex “marriage” we have ever had. (The real intended audience of our testimony was not Lawlor and McDonald’s committee but, rather, the whole legislature and the wider public. Today’s news shows we hit our mark.) And thanks to your phone calls and e-mails–whose effectiveness was grudgingly acknowledged in an e-mail alert by our opponents–we have today’s massive victory for marriage protection.

Today’s victory came about because of your hard work. But our opponents have vowed to fight another day, which is why we need your support to continue to defend marriage from their attacks.

Our May 23rd Rally and Lobby Day for Marriage will go forward–beginning at 10 a.m. on the steps of the state capitol in Hartford. We need as many pro-family state residents as possible to attend.

And, even for this year, a radical redefinition of marriage is still possible. The state Supreme Court will be hearing oral arguments Monday in a case brought by activists seeking a judicial imposition of same-sex “marriage.” FIC and other pro-family groups have filed friend-of-the-court briefs. And I will be appearing with pro same-sex “marriage” Rep. Mike Lawlor the following morning (May 15th at 9:00 a.m.) to discuss the case on WNPR’s “Where We Live” program.

Congratulations to all of you who stood with us and helped bring about today’s marvelous victory for families and children. May there be many more.

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  1. on 16 May 2007 at 8:31 amTricia


    Another question for you to at least ponder:

    Do you “hate” those of your (gay & lesbian) cohort who do NOT want or advocate for SSM?

    According to the New York Times, those who do not want it (for I assume various reasons) constitute about half the homosexual population. One prominent person of such view is commentator Tammy Bruce.

  2. on 16 May 2007 at 6:15 pmDavid


    When I used “you” to the “conservative christian” community which has been at the forefront of fighting every single step of progress that the USA has made towards becoming a country where all truly are equal. The “negative future consequences ” you speak of are simply hallucinations of a group that simply does not want to give up it’s power. This group has proven that there is nothing they will not do to enforce their will (oh, and Dave, the struggle for same sex marriage is forcing NO ONE to do something they don’t want to). “society’s most crucial, foundational institution” is in no danger from same sex marriage, any more than Germany was in danger from Jews marrying Germans. Yet you choose to follow the same path as the Nazis despite the well known results of their beliefs. Forget what you imagine in the future and learn from what has already happened in human history. Certainly you should not roll over and play dead, but you must learn to act civilized and at least attempt to use the truth in your crusade – not the garbage pile of pseudoscience and fabricated “studies” that are currently used by the sadochristian right.

    What a foolish question to ask me to answer about my parents. Had you asked that when I was 17 I probably would have said sure, I’ll trade them in. But most 17 year olds might say that. Since there are multitudes of extremely dysfunctional children and adults that were raised by opposite sex parents I really think y’all should rethink that whole argument. Perhaps when homosexual unions have produced as much mayhem I’ll listen to your point, until then we can do no worse than you have for centuries.

    As far as those in the gay communities who do not support gay marriage that’s their business. Unless they are actively fighting against us like you folks then I don’t care. Those who actively support your crusade or support politicians who are part of it are a different story, I feel nothing but disgust for them, perhaps mixed with pity because only those who hate themselves deeply will fight against their own people and no one should live that way. A big thank you to “the church” for the damage they have suffered. Yes there are a number of reasons LGBT people might oppose marriage – in fact it’s the radicals who mostly take that stance, believing that marriage is a heterosexual institution and for us to participate in it is “assimilating”. Quite funny actually because while y’all whine about the “activists” trying to “redefine marriage” , they are actually the more conservative among us.

    One thing, I don’t “hate” you, would be foolish since I don’t know you. Your stand against innocent people is repulsive and the tactics you folks use are despicable, so yeah, I hate your actions and your attitudes, because I have seen first hand the wreckage that it produces. NO ONE who is willing to cause such pain and destruction (and death) can legitimately claim to be Christian or say one word about concern for the children.

    oh, and all societies are “significant” to those who belong to them, I’ll not buy into your western superiority nonsense.

  3. on 26 May 2007 at 10:00 amDeana


    People’s minds and hearts ARE changing over time, but not in the direction of your own views a/e/b the direction of young peoples’ responses to recent polls. Asking you to allow others to follow their own beliefs about (gay) marriage by legalizing their unions does not equate with them “coercing” you into accepting their POV or forcing their lifestyle on you. They/we are not asking you to become gay, or enter into a same sex marriage. I hope you will be able to coexist peacefully with all the same sex couples in this state when this legislation is finally passed, or when the Supreme Court find sthat those marriages are protected by Connecticut’s constitution.

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