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Sen. Andrew Roraback, who voted for same-sex “marriage” in the Judiciary Committee last month, has won an award from a family organization. The Republican-American’s editorial page notes the contradiction: That Sen. Roraback paid for this award with other people’s money bothers us less than having an organization as worthy and respected as the Connecticut Council […]

Certain tell-tale signs reveal when someone is making a exclusively religious argument: An irrational adherence to a particular viewpoint Closed-minded rejection of those with any opposing perspective A firm unwillingness to compromise or empathize with adversaries By such measures, the phenomenon of “secular fundamentalism” qualifies as a religious belief system. As described by Richard Ekins […]

Just back from the state capitol, where the House just approved the bill forcing Catholic hospital complicity in chemical abortions by 113-36. I’ll have more soon on key parts of the debate. (Watching T.R. Rowe’s speech from inside the Democratic Caucus Room was an interesting experience.) As we have noted before, the next likely step will […]

From today’s Courant: The state Supreme Court’s new chief justice, Chase T. Rogers, will not preside over the most significant case to be heard by the court this year, in which eight couples are challenging the ban on same-sex marriage. The landmark constitutional case, Kerrigan et al v. the state Department of Public Health, will […]

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