We won 40 races and lost in 26.  That’s a 61% success rate in an election year where we saw massive losses in state houses across the country.  We also won in the most important General Assembly race: the race for the 16th State Senate district that pitted Love Makes a Family’s most heavily funded candidate (David Zoni) versus our most heavily funded candidate (Sam Caligiuri).   Jack Stone lost his race by 20 votes and is in an automatic recount.  We may still win that seat and up our average.  Against Love Makes a Family endorsed candidates in open seats, we won the only match-up in the Senate, LMF won three in the House and we won one in the House.  Almost all of our losses were in races where there was a long-term incumbent and we endorsed a Republican first-time challenger.

The media is obviously focusing on the Democrat supermajority.  Yet a number of the Democrats elected were FIC endorsed.  Further, many of the Republican losses were in races were the Republicans were extremely liberal and we did not endorse. 

Of course, we are going to have our work cut out for us in the next legislative session.  We are already hard at work talking to the new crop of legislators and working with our supporters in the General Assembly to fend off anti-family legislation.  But we have some great new pro-family voices and have protected almost all of our incumbent pro-family legislators due to your help and hard work.  Thank you! 

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