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While conservatives are rightfully lamenting our losses around the country, we have some VERY good news here in Connecticut.  In our #1 targeted General Assembly race, the race where we spent the most time, money, and effort, WE WON.   There was only one open state senate seat in Connecticut where there was a clear pro-family candidate and […]

I was at Sam’s HQ until about an hour ago and it was a great place to end the day. He won his race and will be an outstanding pro-family state senator. The place was packed with friends and reporters and the atmosphere was festive. A good contingent of CT Right to Life and FIC […]


Gregg Hannan has lost his race against Sen. Ed Meyer. Will the same folks complaining about Gregg’s “stealth” candidacy now claim that he lost because of those pro-family stands which the voters supposedly didn’t know about? I was with Gregg and his supporters in the early part of this evening. Pro-life stalwarts Rich and Mary […]

It was the pro same-sex “marriage” crowd, not us, running “stealth” candidates. Rep. Joe Aresimowicz was never up front about his LMF connections and they did not formally endorse him, but their people appear to be on the ground here working for him. How typical of the Left to accuse us of the tactics they […]

The atmosphere at Ss. Peter and Paul Church is completely different than what I experienced in Cheshire. Caligiuri, Zoni, Noujaim, Murphy and Johnson people are all getting along fine, sharing each other’s coffee and donuts. Why the difference? It could be the absence of hardcore Lamont supporters—they seem to inject an extra element of nastiness […]

I’m told that a fire alarm was pulled at Crosby High School in Waterbury and everyone except a moderator and the firefighters were cleared from that polling place. The registrar was unaware of it until contacted by the Caligiuri campaign. Is this another dirty trick by Zoni, whose campaign is heavily supported by Waterbury firefighters? […]


I just spent a few hours holding signs with the Al Adinolfi and Sam Caligiuri people at Church of the Epiphany in Cheshire. Diane, a middle-aged woman on the Town Council, was there holding a Murphy sign, but her real passion appeared to be Lieberman-hatred. The presence of an older man wearing a “Vote Joe” […]

 Click here to view FIC Action’s “Get Out the Vote” video. Many tight races leave the CT family in the balance. Your ACTION is needed now!

A statewide group of pro-family Latino ministers has endorsed Sen. Joseph Lieberman for re-election: Abraham Hernandez, a spokesman for the group, said the ministers, as leaders in their community, “recognized him (Lieberman) as an integral, compassionate, experienced and, above all, a serious man that believes in the value of the family…” Lieberman, who interspersed his […]

A Stamford Advocate item briefly noted in this space yesterday is the subject of an article in today’s New Haven Register: Lawlor’s record the only issue, many say By Gregory B. Hladky, Capitol Bureau Chief 11/02/2006 State Rep. Michael Lawlor of East Haven says he’s never tried to conceal that he’s gay from anyone who […]

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