It’s long overdue. We know. But it’s coming.

FIC’s website will be overhauled before the end of this, our 25th anniversary, year.

The present website is, in internet terms, ancient. It was last upgraded in 2006 and much of what is on it is still from that era.

The new website will be simpler, easier to use…and fitted particularly to today’s battles. And so will the new blog.

FIC Blog made quite a splash in its 2006 debut, thanks to Brian Brown’s decision to include an “Opponents” list of blog links. Our frenemies loved/hated it and did their part to drive up our traffic. Unfortunately, they also trolled the comboxes and drove away those FIC members for whom we hoped to create a local, online community of pro-family citizens.

A lot has happened since then. Social media has largely replaced blogging and FIC’s day-to-day activities are now more likely to appear on our Facebook or Twitter feeds than in this space.

But blogs still have their uses. You can see it here with the addition of new voices such as FIC policy assistant Nicole Stacy’s posts. Nicole and other FIC writers have things to say, things that can be linked to on Facebook or Twitter but should not originate there.

That is why a new FIC Blog will be part of the website overhaul.

This blog itself is a successor to Connecticut in the Crosshairs, the first FIC blog, which posted its first item ten years ago this October. Between Crosshairs and FIC Blog, we have maintained one of the longest-running blogs in Connecticut. But just as this present blog replaced Crosshairs, a new blog will replace this one in the long-awaited overhaul of our homepage.

The present content will all be archived, just as it was for Crosshairs. And we will continue to post at this site until the new one is up and running. In fact, we just updated FIC Blog’s links.

The defunct blogs Pray Connecticut, Marriage Debate and Rick Green’s CT Confidential have all been removed, as well as the semi-defunct blog of Judy Aron who, like Green, has moved out of state. Reflecting FIC’s prioritizing of the fight against assisted suicide, we have added the pro-true dignity blogs of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition and Wesley Smith’s Human Exceptionalism. We have also added The Courant’s sleepy religion blogĀ Beliefs: Faith in Connecticut (Psst, Bernie Davidow, wake up. Post something.)

With the new blog, we will return to the original idea of creating an online forum for Connecticut’s pro-family citizens to interact. In the meantime, we invite you back to make the most of the presentĀ FIC Blog.

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