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Voters Prefer Man With Less Notoriety

Like El NiƱo, I’m sure this can be blamed on the War on Women: Though she still advances to the final round, Sandra Fluke, the best known of all candidates for California’s 26th State Senate district, placed second to school board member Ben Allen. Allen’s website describes his priorities as:

  • Creating jobs and opportunities for all residents;
  • Developing a long-term plan to get the state budget in line;
  • Challenging the culture of corruption in Sacramento and protecting taxpayers;
  • Fixing our troubled schools;
  • Preserving our natural resources and open spaces
  • Making higher education more affordable; and
  • Most importantly, making sure that all of our communities, every zip code, every ethnic group, women and men are represented in our State Capitol.

Seems like free birth control just isn’t at the top of the list in Santa Monica. Wonder if Sen. Murphy is feeling nervous about his investment?

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  1. on 12 Jun 2014 at 8:19 amDenis OMalley

    Sen. Murphy was a mediocre lawyer that could not pay his bills so he decided to move into the Ct. public sector where there is no financial accountability…As long as you are a liberal Democrat.

    Why he felt the need to weigh in on this California race is beyond me…Other than to establish his liberal reputation.

    He’s trying to get the same kind of publicity as Sen Blumenthal who also pontificates purely to be seen.

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