Media Blackout


Media Censors Victory Over Assisted Suicide

Connecticut was targeted in 2013 to be the first state in the country to legalize assisted suicide through the state legislature. But assisted suicide was defeated – crushed – this year, thanks to the Family Institute of Connecticut and our allies!

And yet, when the media wrote their “winners and losers” articles at the end of the legislative session two weeks ago, you did not hear a word about our victory!

CT Mirror ignored the issue altogether. (Of course, if the other side had won, assisted suicide would have been at or near the top of their winners list).

The Associated Press, meanwhile, did mention that the bill failed, but in biased language that sounded like a pro-assisted suicide press release:

— DEATH WITH DIGNITY — A legislative committee did not act a proposal that would have allowed physicians to help dying patients end their own lives, despite safeguards that advocates said would ensure patients’ end-of-life decisions would not be made imprudently.

(And the AP wrote this even after FIC and our allies successfully proved to the Committee that the Connecticut assisted suicide bill had no such safeguards!)

Here at FIC, we do not take media bias (or incompetence) lying down. We set the record straight!

That is why FIC executive director Peter Wolfgang was all over the alternative media last week. Peter made an hour-and-a-half-long in-studio appearance on former Governor John Rowland’s radio program as well as appearances on the radio programs of WELI’s Vinnie Penn, WFIF’s John Vaught and syndicated host Calvin Carter. Peter also responded on CT Mirror’s website and published a letter to the editor in the Waterbury Republican-American (which was then followed up by an op-ed from our friends at Connecticut Right to Life).

FIC is telling Connecticut what the media won’t: That our state was targeted (by George Soros!) to be the first-in-the-nation to legalize assisted suicide…and that we stopped them cold.

And this is not just about setting the record straight. We need Connecticut to know what really happened in 2013, who was behind it and how radical their assisted suicide bill was…because those same people are going to try again next year!

Media bias is always bad, but media bias as a de-facto propaganda engine for the next attack on Connecticut’s families is especially outrageous! That is why FIC responded right away…and it is why we need your help.

Our adversaries are already organizing, holding “town hall”-style events to soften up Connecticut for their next pro-assisted suicide push in 2014. And the media blackout on FIC’s 2013 victory is helping them!

We need to do our own public education campaign. You know what we’re up against. Will you please help us fight back?

Go to our homepage and sign up for FIC’s email alerts, if you do not already get them. Then watch your in-box for more information on what you can do to fight the out-of-state pro assisted suicide forces that have targeted Connecticut!

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