Christmas, Connecticut and Newtown

On behalf of the Family Institute of Connecticut–and my own family–I want to wish a most blessed Christmas to all of FIC’s members. It is your generous support–and divine providence–that sustains FIC in our fight for a more family-friendly Connecticut.

2012 is no ordinary Christmas for Connecticut, coming less than two weeks after innocent children and teachers were murdered in an elementary school in Newtown. This horrible event has robbed our secular friends of their Christmas spirit. But for those of us who believe in “the reason for the season,” Christmas, 2012 burns brighter than ever.

The whole reason for Christmas is that God sent a Savior to the world to “deliver us from evil.” Christ’s birth was preceded by Herod’s slaughter of the Holy Innocents. Likewise, God did not cause the Newtown Massacre but we can trust that He is working through it. After all, He came into the world to go to the Cross.

FIC members know there is a cosmic battle taking place between good and evil. That is why we fight for the definition of marriage, the sanctity of human life and the right to religious liberty. These battles are temporal manifestations of that cosmic war, a war whose final victory is assured by the One whose birth we celebrate on Christmas.

Now is a good time to enjoy the company of those for whom we are fighting. May you have a wonderful time with your families during Christmas. And God bless you all during this holy season. (Below is our Christmas photo.)


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