Opportunity Knocks!

Last week I had this to say about Gov. Malloy and abortion:

He did have some pro-life support in the last election–thanks to an opponent who refused to protect the unborn at any stage–and this gives him the opportunity to reach across the usual divide on this issue. We hope he takes it.

In a startling coincidence, that opportunity has now been extended to him, courtesy of Norwich Bishop Michael Cote:

On one of the coldest days in decades with dozens of Eastern Connecticut parishioners outdoors marking the 38th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, the bishop of Norwich said he would like to speak with Connecticut’s new governor on the subject of abortion…Malloy is willing to meet “with all types of people from various organizations,” spokeswoman Colleen Flanagan said Monday, although she wasn’t sure if the [Connecticut Catholic Public Affairs] conference had submitted a written meeting request form.

FIC hopes this meeting does happen and that Gov. Malloy does indeed take the opportunity we said was there to reach across the divide on abortion. We will keep our members updated on any new developments.

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