I’m just back from the annual Roe v. Wade pro-abortion press conference at the state Capitol (which seemed to attract one member of the press). Some quick reactions:

  • We should note with appreciation  that Governor Malloy chose not to come. He sent a supportive statement, his lieutenant governor (and many other constitutional officers) were there, but our new governor’s absence was noteworthy. He did have some pro-life support in the last election–thanks to an opponent who refused to protect the unborn at any stage–and this gives him the opportunity to reach across the usual divide on this issue. We hope he takes it.
  • Not so with Secretary of State Denise Merrill. “There are those who are still attacking us,” she claimed. “The last thing they care about is women’s health.” (So much for post-Tuscon civility!) She said that ObamaCare was about “the right to choose” and called the repeal vote “an assault on women’s reproductive freedom.” She said that “unless there’s funding for abortion, there is no right to choice.” Thus does “choice” come to mean “you will be forced to pay for others’ abortions, even if you know it is the taking of human life.”
  • Rep. Brendan Sharkey (D-Hamden), the new majority leader, has a problem with Catholics. On the floor of the House during the 2005 same-sex unions vote, he excoriated his Catholic constituents for calling him to oppose that bill but not the death penalty, essentially calling them hypocrites. Today he made the case for abortion by stressing that he comes from “a good Irish Catholic family.” He said he was the eighth child in his family, that the seventh had down syndrome, that his mother knew after he was born that she could not have more children but that her doctor, another Irish Catholic in the pre-Griswold era, refused to prescribe it. This put his parents in “a moral quandry” but–wait for it!–“thank God for the Jesuits” who told his mother that “of course” she can disregard Church teaching. The underlying theme of Sharkey’s talk was liberation from those bad old Catholics.
  • Sen. Tony Harp (D-New Haven), in an ironic twist, used a pro-abortion press conference to proclaim her opposition to violence. She decried the “vitriolic words” in opposition to abortion which, she claimed, leads to “violence.” Has Tony Harp heard about the Pennsylvania abortionist who, just this week, was arrested for eight counts of murder, seven for killing aborted-alive newborns? We would like to see Tony Harp condemn that violence–real violence.

FIC will be supporting the Hartford March for Life this Saturday, January 22nd, which begins with a prayer vigil on the south side of the state Capitol at 11:30 am and then continues at 12:30 in the Capitol’s Room 310 with a series of pro-life speakers. We will not have any state constitutional officers there. Just people who know it’s bad for women and children when it’s legal to kill an unborn human child. If you’re one of them, please join us.

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  1. on 20 Jan 2011 at 11:11 amRich

    You know Peter, the same pro-baby killing rhetoric is just getting old. The pro-abortion movement is making its last stand before its inevitable collapse. Had the people in Conn not been so apathetic, this wicked leadership would have long since passed. Until that glorious day comes when legal protection is afforded to every unborn human being, then our work continues unabated. As I also say, those who always make unfounded accusations are themselves guilty of what they accuse us of.

  2. on 20 Jan 2011 at 1:13 pmJeff Christman

    Prayer Protest outside New Haven Lawn Club
    To make reparation for award winner

    Attention: All electronic and print media editors

    What: CT Coalition for Choice Awards Dinner
    Where: New Haven Lawn Club, 193 Whitney Ave., New Haven
    When: Thursday, Jan. 20, prior to 6:15 dinner
    Who: Dr. Leroy Carhart, former associate of abortionist Dr. George Tiller

    A group of pro-life residents will stage a prayerful protest in front of the New Haven Lawn Club, 143 Whitney Ave., in reparation for the actions of Dr. Leroy Carhart, first winner of the Carhart Award, and Keynote Speaker to the Connecticut Coalition for Choice. The dinner honors “Connecticut Abortion Providers.”

    Carhart, whose award is sponsored by the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, will speak to the gathering of diners, made up of The American Association of University Women, NARAL Pro-Choice CT, Planned Parenthood of New England and other pro-abortion organizations. Carhart worked closely with the late dr. George Tiller, a believer in late-term abortions, who killed many infants in the final weeks of gestation.

    The Prayer Vigil is meant to make reparation for the gathering inside. Protesters will gather to mourn the killing of the unborn.

    Protesters will meet before the dinner and remain until the final guest enters the Lawn Club.

    The outreach is organized by Marilyn Carroll of Operation Save America-CT and the Rev. Greg Markey, Pastor of St. Mary’s Church, Norwalk.

    Fr. Markey states, “We want to peacefully yet firmly send a message to Dr. Carhart and his cohort: they are not welcome in the State of Connecticut.”

    Marilyn Carroll “It’s a shameful day in America when people gather to honor those that are in the business of killing innocent children in their mothers’ wombs.”

  3. on 20 Jan 2011 at 1:53 pmTricia

    Rep. Brendan Sharkey’s comments would be almost laughable, if not on such a serious subject—because of the ‘irony’ concerning his own birth!

    He mentioned that he “was the eighth child in his family, that the seventh had down syndrome, that his mother knew after he was born that she could [should?] not have more children”…

    Hello?? Rep. Sharkey? If his mother had been prescribed birth control after the seventh child was born, presumably Brendan Sharkey would NOT have been born! Is he advocating for that?

  4. on 20 Jan 2011 at 3:11 pmMike

    Woman’s Rights??? Lets put a forensic scientist at the scene of an abortion and see the DNA… Scientific proof that another person was murdered – The DNA is different from that of the mother; therefore, “It’s not your body”!

  5. on 22 Jan 2011 at 10:12 amNicole

    Heh heh…glad to know I can hit up Denise Merrill for a few million on my next big violin purchase, since according to Jefferson I have a right to pursue happiness that predates Roe v. Wade by at least two centuries, and few earthly things would make me happier than a nice Guarneri. Heck, even my student loans I have to pay back with interest.

    On the Philadelphia story — I am trying to imagine being prosecution, jury, or press and saying with a straight face that babies were murdered at an abortion clinic in a grotesquely inhumane way, as if this was nearly inconceivable. Really? What else is new? And no one had the cojones to take him down…imagine that. Nobody could have, you know, predicted this kind of thing.

    Rich: Bingo. Of course they’re projecting. That comes standard with the psychological contortion it takes to justify this stuff.

  6. on 24 Jan 2011 at 2:22 pmAdam

    Ironic you would mention Philadelphia, since it is a fine example of what would happen if the anti-abortion crowd had its way. The doctor was unlicensed and performing late-term abortion procedures that are already illegal. You guys often miss the point that we who are pro-choice are not fans of abortion, but rather we find the alternative of back alley abortions and dead mothers unacceptable.

  7. on 25 Jan 2011 at 6:05 amPeter

    Actually, Philadelphia is a fine example of what happens because the pro-abortion crowd got its way, as little oversight of abortion mills as possible. Complaints about this doctor were ignored and the site had not been inspected since 1993. And those illegal late-term abortions he was performing are illegal only because, in that matter at least, the pro-lifers had their way, outlawing those gruesome procedures over the objections of pro-abortionists.

    You guys miss the point that abortion is killing and legalizing *some* taking of innocent life is wrong for everyone.

  8. […] Last week I had this to say about Gov. Malloy and abortion: He did have some pro-life support in the last election–thanks to an opponent who refused to protect the unborn at any stage–and this gives him the opportunity to reach across the usual divide on this issue. We hope he takes it. […]

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