Of course, it always had national attention…from same-sex “marriage” proponents. Tim Gill and other out-of-state “gay” multimillionaires have sent hundreds of thousands of dollars to Connecticut to help our opponents redefine marriage. But our pro-marriage allies have now taken an interest as well:

While most of [the National Organization for Marriage’s] efforts between now and the November vote will likely be in California, the group also is gearing up for battles over gay marriage in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Florida, New Jersey and New York…

Len Deo, the president of the Family Policy Council of New Jersey, one of the state’s leading socially conservative political organizations, said his group is usually overmatched by liberal interests in the Statehouse and can use the help of national organizations.

That’s where [Maggie] Gallagher’s group comes in — with the aim of helping conservative state organizations fend off gay marriage, particularly in states where gay rights groups get help from national organizations such as the Human Rights Campaign.

The AP story appearing in today’s Courant plays up Connecticut, but makes no mention of NOM’s biggest Connecticut connection: NOM co-founder and former FIC executive director Brian Brown! In fact, the excerpt above describes exactly the role Brian predicted for NOM in his final post on this blog a year ago:

As the new head of NOM it will be my job to help coordinate national efforts to support pro-family efforts in states-like Connecticut-that are on the front line in the fight to protect marriage.

This organization will help state organizations like the Family Institute of Connecticut by leveraging national resources to fight same-sex marriage in the most difficult states.  In this way my new position will help further the work that we have begun at FIC.

Watch for more information on Connecticut and the national attention to our fight to protect marriage. And be sure to check out the good work NOM is doing on the front lines in California here.

2 Responses to “CT Same-Sex “Marriage” Battle Getting National Attention”

  1. on 28 Jul 2008 at 12:41 pmWayne from Jeremiah Films

    Linked to your post from July 30th – Protection of Marriage, conference call expanded

  2. on 07 Nov 2008 at 6:27 pmConnie

    I believe we lost because are state votes Democrat most of the time. In my town there were 4 questions. I am new in this town. I voted no on 3 of them and yes on Question 1. The town is run by Democrats.

    Also there is number of homosexuals already in office. They are on important committees voting on family issues Lawlor from East Haven is one and I think another in a top position name McDonald.

    In order for any family bills to pass we have to change our own legislature. So to me this is a grass roots effort. We have to get people that think like we do and not be afraid to be called names when they want to intimidate us.

    Tom Scott did a good job on WELI interviewing one of the leaders of a gay group. This woman tried to paint us a one issue special interest group involved in the Convention. Tom pointed out to her that she is getting money from out of state to the tune of $800,000. and our group got $50,00. The anti-convention ads had union people, the Attorney General who I believe could have a opinion but should not be in the ads.

    The Catholic church ran ads but their was only one woman which I think should have been more like that other ads with regular normal every day people.

    I feel enough was not done by the churches either, especially the Evangelical churches.. They all have their own issues they want to promote and the Shepherds are asleep at the wheel. I am very conservative and I have not heard any pastors speaking in favor of the Convention or explaining what is gong to happen as the result of the Connecticut Supreme Court ruling in favor of same sex marriage. Pastors will be tested to marry these same sex couples. I don’t know if they will be required but I think this a good thing. It will put fire under the pastors feet. They will either stand for something or run.

    Thanks for the hard work your group has put into this effort.

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