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It’s a curious thing, this absence of any mention of today’s Plan B hearing in the morning papers. How is it that the hottest controversy of the 2006 session rates no mention the day of the 2007 hearing for the same bill? We sent an e-mail alert late Friday to our membership asking them to attend the […]

Opponents in our last two threads say FIC is not truly pro-family unless we adopt the left-wing economic agenda. Now comes Courant columnist Susan Campbell with more free advice: To people who worry that same-sex marriages threaten the institution, I have one powerful, life-changing word for you: adultery. Pure and simple, what so often threatens […]

Our opponents say it is FIC that is focused on sex and “social engineering.” But I didn’t write the headline for this thread–today’s Connecticut Post did. What our opponents really mean is that when things like this happen FIC should keep mum. Well, we politely decline their invitation to avert our eyes from the sex-related […]

Was it our CPTV debate where my opponent said she didn’t think marriage was in as dire straits as I did? I hope she’s reading the story on page A3 of today’s Courant: Punctuating a fundamental change in American family life, married couples with children now occupy fewer than one in every four households – […]

What effect has President Bush had on the pro-life and pro-family cause? That question, quietly debated in social conservative circles for several years now, will likely receive more attention with the publication of The Leadership of George W. Bush: Con & Pro in the March issue of First Things. FT editor Joseph Bottum takes the […]

Between same-sex “marriage” and the pro-abortion attack on Christian hospitals it’s easy to lose sight of the good bills at the General Assembly. There have been, in fact, ten FIC endorsed pro-family bills introduced during the current session and more may be coming. Here’s the run down. A bill has been introduced to create a task force to explore the […]

The Hartford Courant recently held a forum on political blogging in Connecticut…with a panel that didn’t include a single conservative. Don Pesci, one of our state’s best conservative bloggers, responds: When the Hartford Courant recently hosted a forum on blogging, no conservative bloggers were represented on the panel that included McEnroe, introduced as a blogger, […]

From the Connecticut Catholic Conference: Senate Bill 1343 ” An Act Concerning Compassionate Care For Victims of Sexual Assault”, which is a threat to the religious freedom of Catholic hospitals will not be heard on Tuesday March 6th. The item is not on the official agenda for the hearing published today. You will be notified […]

A public hearing will be held Tuesday, March 6 at 9:00 a.m. on one of the most outrageous pro-abortion attacks on religious liberty ever attempted in Connecticut. From the Connecticut Catholic Conference’s urgent action alert: Senate Bill 1343 “An Act  Concerning Compassionate Care For Victims of Sexual Assault”, which seeks to aid rape victims, is also […]

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