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A public hearing began this morning on Proposed Bill 6883, which would exempt Bible colleges from the state’s higher education licensing process. Currently, educational entities whose curriculum is entirely religious must meet the state’s secular standards or face cease and desist orders. From an analysis from a Baptist pastor in Southington whose Bible College is […]

An FIC Action-supported bill requiring a minor to notify a parent or legal guardian before she can get an abortion will receive a hearing during this legislative session. The date has not been set and the hearing will be “informational” rather than the standard public hearing. This is a victory. Connecticut is one of only six […]

Our opponents employ several different strategies to intimidate and silence those who dare to oppose them. Probably none backfires as much as the claim that anyone who knows marriage is between a man and a woman is a “bigot.” In fact, an advertisement currently running for the Dan Lovallo show quotes Brian saying as much. And two […]

Way back on Nov. 15, 2004 on this blog we took note of a column by Courant business columnist Dan Haar. According to Haar the 2004 results showed that “[a]s the nation lurched to the right on Election Day, Connecticut moved hard the other way,” and he smelled an opportunity: Eventually, progressive-minded folks would settle […]

Turns out there were, according to one online account, “4 or 5 shady bloggers” at last week’s press conference. That mostly explains the discrepancy between the hostile Q and A Brian faced and the generally respectful MSM coverage he actually received. (Not that FIC Blog minds the bloggers since this is, after all, a blog.  Indeed, I was […]

Same-sex “marriage” and FIC Action’s Let the People Decide press conference were widely covered by local media this week. You can read the Courant’s story here, the Waterbury Republican-American here, the Associated Press here, the New London Day here, the Stamford Advocate here, the Manchester Journal Inquirer here, and the Meriden Record-Journal here. During the Q […]

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