The Hartford Courant digital edition has thrown pro-lifers a bone — an itty, bitty chicken wing bone. A search using the terms “March for Life” yielded six relevant hits (initially 64, but on closer examination, most had nothing to do with it) within a four-day period. During the same time frame, there were 26 stories that mentioned Deflategate. Indeed, that made the front page on Friday.

I know this is some kind of blasphemy, but…pssst: It’s. A. Game.

Anyhow, six mentions. One photo, which wasn’t of the counterprotest for a change, but certainly didn’t give any real sense of the scope of the crowd. If only we were that easily impressed. You see, if you were one of the Courant’s 450,000+ exclusive print subscribers, you might get the impression that all was quiet on Constitution Avenue — not that one of the largest human rights demonstrations in American history had just occurred.


In fact, whereas I am told the Waterbury Republican-American ran a story specifically on the March for Life, and the New Haven Register had this stunning 26-image online pictorial of a local march the same day — pretty much unheard-of, as far as I know, so try to find a moment to leave a nice comment — the Courant┬áprint edition showed an extraordinary knack for finding the one abortion story, the one angle, that completely ignored the estimated half million people who were *cough* coincidentally in D.C. and managed to spin the ‘correct’ narrative:


Don’t even bother looking for a vague reference buried in there. I double- and triple-checked; there is none.

John Boehner’s face appropriately sums up how I feel about this, as well as the whole House GOP fiasco, which I will write more about soon.

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