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[Note: It has not been FIC’s practice to re-post all of our email alerts to our members here on the blog. But the one below, from July 1st, has received a higher-than-normal response rate and so it was suggested that we post it. Please know how deeply grateful I am for all of your kind […]

In the six years since Peter Wolfgang became president of Family Institute of Connecticut Action, we have suffered only one major legislative defeat: the passage of the 2011 Bathroom Bill. 2013 marks the resumption of FIC Action’s winning streak and, indeed, of an FIC Action that is better than it has ever been. Here is […]

The best social conservative talk radio host in Connecticut is a man who once performed a lesbian “wedding” underneath a Family Institute of Connecticut billboard. His name is Vinnie Penn and his journey from there to here tells us something about the current state of talk radio in Connecticut—and the future of the pro-family fight. […]

Family Institute of Connecticut Action opposes S.B. 374, An Act Requiring Behavioral Health Assessments for Children. This bill will have a public hearing this Friday, March 8th. Read all about it here. In addition to the aids provided in the previous link, the campus coordinator of Regina Caeli Academy, Erika Ahern (pictured above) has submitted a […]

The Boy Scouts of America will be deciding next week whether to change its policy to allow openly homosexual men to hold leadership positions in its organization: Peter Wolfgang, director of the conservative Family Institute of Connecticut, said that members have been calling the organization to express their concern over the proposed change. “The concern is […]

On behalf of the Family Institute of Connecticut–and my own family–I want to wish a most blessed Christmas to all of FIC’s members. It is your generous support–and divine providence–that sustains FIC in our fight for a more family-friendly Connecticut. 2012 is no ordinary Christmas for Connecticut, coming less than two weeks after innocent children […]

Light is truly shining out of the darkness of the evil that tragically took place last Friday at Sandy Hook Elementary. Being a Newtown resident with personal attachments to those directly affected and a former alumnus of Sandy Hook Elementary, words cannot express the pain. But the actions that are taking place left and right […]

It Was My School

I don’t even know what to say. Things like this don’t happen in my quaint hometown. This isn’t supposed to happen to a school I prided myself on attending as a five year old 19 years ago. My heart is sinking. Friends and family I know are affected. We are all beside ourselves as we […]

Praying for Newtown

Words cannot describe the sadness we at the Family Institute of Connecticut feel upon hearing of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT. According to the most recent news reports, twenty-seven people, including eighteen children between the ages of five and ten, have been killed. Please join us in praying for God’s […]

From our friends at the New Canaan Society: Oct 18— Special Fatherhood Dinner (with women welcome). Hon. Gregory Slayton and David Wagner will speak about “fatherhood” at Country Club of Darien.  Register Here for the dinner (just $40, but it is filling fast). Slayton is a venture capitalist, professor, author and former U.S. Ambassador to […]

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