August 12th Republican Primary


Family Institute of Connecticut Action Committee is receiving numerous inquiries asking who are the pro-life/pro-family candidates in the Republican primaries happening tomorrow, Tuesday, August 12, 2014. Here is what we know.

Only one of the candidates is 100% pro-family and he is the only one endorsed by FIC Action Committee in tomorrow’s primaries. In the race for Comptroller we encourage all our members to vote for and volunteer for Angel Cadena, a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan whose research as a legislative intern helped defeat assisted suicide. Angel Cadena’s website can be viewed here.

FIC Action Committee is not endorsing a candidate in the 2014 Republican primary for Governor but our members should know that both candidates recently spoke their minds on the effort to legalize assisted suicide in Connecticut. John McKinney would veto an assisted suicide bill while Tom Foley is more ambiguous.

None of the three candidates for Lieutenant Governor returned FIC Action Committee’s candidate questionnaire. David Walker sent an email to a pro-life activist today implying that he supports the right to life once the unborn child is viable and said he supports parental notification.

Please share the above information, vote for and volunteer for Angel Cadena for Comptroller tomorrow, and make whatever decision you think best in the other races.

[9/3/14 Update: As FIC Action Committee members who received today’s email know, Tom Foley has clarified to us that he is opposed to assisted suicide and will veto the assisted suicide bill. ~ NS]

Paid for and approved by FIC Action Committee, Lawrence Taffner, Treasurer.

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