FIC Action Committee is not endorsing a candidate in the August 12, 2014 Republican primary for governor. But in the last few days both candidates made public statements on the single biggest issue facing Connecticut’s pro-life voters–the effort to legalize assisted suicide in our state–and we want to share those statements with our members.

Greenwich businessman Tom Foley “isn’t outright opposed” to assisted suicide, reports the Connecticut Mirror, “but he said he’s concerned about it being misused.” You can read Tom Foley’s “cautious” comments on assisted suicide about halfway down this article.

Senate Minority Leader John McKinney would veto the assisted suicide bill, the Connecticut Mirror reports. “I fundamentally can’t accept a doctor causing someone’s death earlier than it otherwise would happen,” says Senator McKinney. Read John McKinney’s full comments here.

[9/3/14 Update: As FIC Action Committee members who received today’s email know, Tom Foley has clarified that he does oppose assisted suicide and will veto the bill. ~ NS]

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