Yesterday I wrote about how Sen. Blumenthal balked when I approached him with a question after his Hobby Lobby press conference. Video of that encounter is now available here. I was also invited on Jim Vicevich’s program, where I learned more about “Honeygate” and together we set the record straight.

Now I see that the Courant, forgetting its own coverage of the broad religious exemption in our state’s contraception mandate, has editorialized in favor of Sen. Blumenthal and his antagonistic stance toward Hobby Lobby. As rallying cries go, though, it noticeably lacks visceral impact. It’s long on the recounting of events and short on opinion — the red meat of any editorial — which, when it does show up, is weakly stated. Referring to Blumenthal’s ill-fated Hobby Lobby bully bill and the even worse abomination that bears his sponsorship, the bill National Review calls the “Gosnell Enabling Act,” the Courant sighingly concedes: “Unfortunately, none of these efforts shows promise of succeeding.” Even the Ed Page seems fatigued from banging the contraception-abortion drum, no?

The piece concludes, “Even so, those in positions of power need to speak up for women’s reproductive rights.” I wasn’t aware that any of our delegates to Congress had ceased such speech. Between the news and social media lately, I would almost get the impression that it’s all they do (okay, that’s probably unfair; I’ll say half). Even the least vocal of them on Hobby Lobby, John Larson, has nevertheless had a consistent 100% rating from NARAL and Planned Parenthood for fifteen years. At this point I really wish my would-be political suitors would shut up about my reproductive system already before I go Eliza Doolittle on somebody. The truth is, Connecticut’s deck is completely stacked; it would be grand to have one, just one real advocate for the point of view my friends and I represent. One out of seven, is that too much to ask?

I hesitate to expend more energy refuting a piece than the source evidently put into writing it. I’ll just say this much, in reference to the title: whose “women’s rights” does Blumenthal stand for — this woman?

image-17(Photo credit: RNS/Adelle Banks)

These women?

image-14(Photo credit:AP)

What about these women?


Certainly not these women…


The Democratic Party crows, “When women succeed, America succeeds.” More and more of us are feeling left out of the concept of success that would have us trade a priceless freedom for a handful of no-baby pills. The face of the pro-life movement is female, and we will be victorious.

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