The Hartford Courant has a long front page piece in its Sunday edition (Aug. 18) promoting the strategy of New London’s openly gay mayor to turn New London into “Provincetown on the Thames”:

For a time, the pitch to remake New London revolved around visions of upscale condos, a five-star hotel and an influx of tourists, with the goal of creating a smaller, scrappier version of Newport, R.I. But that image fizzled, and now this coastal city is embarking on a new revitalization strategy, one that is built on drag brunches, gay bars and pride celebrations.

New London’s gay population is “more than 3,000,” reports The Courant, and is now reveling in such events as “Ocean Beach Gay Day” and “the crowning of Miss Trans New England”. Buried deep in The Courant’s story is the acknowledgement that “a few gay pride events will [not] be enough” to turn the city around, in other words, that the main point of the article is bunk.

But criticizing this story (or noting that The Courant will probably not give the same attention to, say, Faith and Family Day at the Rock Cats) is to avoid a deeper problem.

That deeper problem is this: There are no pro-family cultural festivals in Connecticut similar to the pro same-sex “marriage” ones frequently promoted by The Courant. True, there are Catholic and Evangelical Christian events throughout the year, but nothing intentionally concentrated for a period of time in one place like the events reported on by The Courant. And, as much as I enjoy the Rock Cats, the Christian-themed events that do occur are usually of a different kind than those described by The Courant.

Where are the Christian film festivals in Connecticut? The book fairs? The lecture series? Where are our own writers and artists and filmmakers?

These are questions we in Connecticut’s pro-family movement should be thinking about…and trying to answer.

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  1. on 26 Aug 2013 at 1:20 pmTricia

    I have no answers to your questions, Peter–but thanks for making us aware of this trend in New London. I had no idea of these events in New London, as we seldom get over there; and I almost never read “The Courant.”

    We will now make sure to steer clear of New London entirely, as a Provincetown type of environment holds absolutely NO appeal for us!!!

  2. on 26 Aug 2013 at 1:37 pmTricia

    Peter, did you see this ruling last week?

    “It is a state court decision that could have national reach. In the words of Red State’s Erik Erickson, ‘You will be made to care.’

    “The New Mexico Supreme Court ruled Thursday that a Christian wedding photographer violated the state’s human rights law by refusing to photograph a same-sex commitment ceremony.”…

    “Attorney Jordan Lorence, with the Alliance Defending Freedom, a legal firm specializing in religious liberty cases, said the ruling prioritizes gay rights over religious liberty.

    “’Government-coerced expression is a feature of dictatorships that has no place in a free country,’ Lorence said. ‘This decision is a blow to our client and every American’s right to live free.’”…

  3. on 26 Aug 2013 at 4:08 pmMax

    Interesting questions. I think the answer lies with the focus on individual churches in our lives.

    For example, there are countless Christian events in every corner of this state – books clubs at local churches, speakers at local churches and festivals at local churches. But all are small and generally attended only by church members.

    I think the fault lies with our denominations….it would be great to see, for example, the “Farmington Valley Christian Fair” or something like that, and have all the Christian churches participate. Make it open to the public and have food, speakers, bands, etc. It would be a great event that virtually all CT citizens would feel welcome to attend. Our churches are very diverse in beliefs, views and Biblical interpretion and there is certainly a church for everyone!

  4. on 03 Oct 2013 at 2:21 pmBill

    Great question Peter about the lack of ProFamily Events in CT! I saddened to hear that the Evangelicals organizing the Convoy of Hope in New Britain did not make it a priority to get the FIC represented there. Instead CT Congresswoman Esty was there in full regalia promoting Obamacare with orange stickers: CHANGE IS HERE.

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