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It’s been five years since The Hartford Courant’s front page story on the launch of iFIC, the Family Institute of Connecticut’s youth wing. The Courant reported at the time that one of FIC’s goals in launching iFIC was “building a generation of conservative leaders.” So, half a decade later, how are we doing?

See for yourself. Here is a brief description of where some of the early–and later–iFIC members are now.

Tim Johnston works at the Media Research Center. You can see his recent interview with me on FIC’s victory over the assisted suicide bill–and the media blackout of our victory–here. 

Patrick Fiorillo is a second year theology student at St. Johns Seminary, where he is studying to be ordained a priest for the Archdiocese of Boston. You can listen to his August 5th radio interview where he discusses his vocation to the priesthood–and FIC’s role in it–here. 

Jessica DeVivo authored FIC’s Truth about Assisted Suicide fact sheet earlier this year. She then took a position with MDS Communications Corporation, a pro-life organization, and helped to pass the ban on late-term abortions in Texas.

Michael Ruminski is a fourth year theology student at the Theological College of Catholic University, studying for the priesthood for the Archdiocese of Hartford. He will be ordained to the transitional diaconate this December.

James Brislin just graduated from Western New England University School of Law and took the Bar Exams for Connecticut and Massachusetts. He met Jennifer Landry, now a real estate agent studying for her CPA, at iFIC and they are “promised to each other.”

Stephen Lyon is a second year student at University of Connecticut School of Law.

Chelsea Rankin recently graduated from Patrick Henry College with a degree in journalism and has written for World Magazine. She is engaged to be married.

Leah (Thomas) Ackland was engaged to Brad Ackland when iFIC began. They are expecting their fourth child.

Zach Wood is a novice with the Franciscan order.

Joseph Lambert, a business graduate from Western New England University, is an entrepreneur developing his own business.

We also have two current staffers from iFIC.

Kevin Ouellette is studying for his Masters degree in Theology.

Nicole Stacy is, like Patrick Fiorillo and Michael Ruminski, a Masters graduate from the University of Hartford’s Hartt School of Music. She is a violinist with the Eastern Connecticut Symphony Orchestra.

And that is just from iFIC’s first five years. To be sure, youth can be a transient population–iFIC has waxed and waned throughout its existence–but we remain close to many of the young people who came through our doors and are always looking to cultivate more. The fight for faith and family in Connecticut continues and so does the need to raise up a new generation willing to work for a better tomorrow.

Please contact Larry Taffner at if you would like to be a part of the Family Institute of Connecticut’s youth wing.

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  1. on 26 Aug 2013 at 1:06 pmTricia

    WOW! What an excellent and exemplary group of young achievers–the successful products of good upbringing in good Christian (or other faithful, ‘God fearing’ religious) homes.

    Kudos also to the Family Institute for the iFIC initiative, which undoubtedly has been a great opportunity for leadership growth for those involved, as well as enabling them to network among others with the same high moral views and standards.

    From the sublime to the ridiculous–could such results occur with those schooled in the idiocy promoted in CA?:

    …“Even the most liberal politician should see that allowing boys and girls as young as 5, or as astute as 17, to be able to pick and choose which gender’s bathroom to use is outrageous.”…

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