For Hate Crime, Add Gay Couple?

A “gay nativity scene” at a church in California has been vandalized and we are immediately informed that it will be investigated as a hate crime.

A Bible-burning vandal damages New Haven’s Christmas tree–possibly soaking the holy book with something to increase the fire–and authorities call it “unfortunate.” A person deliberately crashes his car into Fairhaven’s nativity scene, destroying the figures of the Holy Family while leaving other figures untouched, and we are merely told that the creche has been repaired.

Are these incidents also being investigated as hate crimes? Or does your Christmas scene need a gay couple to qualify?


2 Responses to “For Hate Crime, Add Gay Couple?”

  1. on 30 Dec 2011 at 4:48 pmRich

    Its very evident Peter that there is a worldwide effort to marginalize and destroy every semblance of Christianity. Once the salt and light are removed, then the way is paved for the anti-Christ.

  2. on 10 Mar 2012 at 5:42 pmDave

    You can’t compare California to Connecticut. The only way to claim what you are is if California declined to investigate events like what happened here as hate crimes. Whether CT should have is a different issue. I for one would certainly call burning the Bible a hate crime. On the other hand I think all lawn displays be they religious or secular are tacky and demeaning to the holiday in question so I can’t get too upset about one being destroyed though if one is to do so it should be all or nothing.

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