CT GOP Improving, But…

The Hartford Courant has a good piece today on how far the CT GOP has come since its liberal nadir in 2005. My quick reactions:

  1. Democrats blame total GOP opposition to the Bathroom Bill on…the Tea Party? Is it because: a) they fear the Tea Party more or b) they think the Tea Party is more toxic than FIC and that they can score more points with the Connecticut electorate by connecting the GOP to the Tea Party?
  2. Whatever the Democrat spin, the Courant knows the Capitol. I’m the only non-legislator quoted in this article.
  3. The CT GOP has come a long way since 2005 but still has a long way to go. The “we haven’t gone right, the Democrats have gone left” meme is understandable, if incomplete. But Rep. Cafero’s “we don’t do God, guns or gays” line shows a CT GOP that still doesn’t get it. You don’t increase your numbers by insulting your own constituencies. (The Democrats would never do that. That’s why they win.) And being about fiscal accountability and nothing else is why the CT GOP–and all of Connecticut–now groans under Gov. Malloy. FIC PAC could’ve gotten Tom Foley those final 6500 votes if he would’ve supported what the CT GOP now says are just “common sense” social positions. But Foley would’ve rather lost than throw FIC a bone–and lose he did.

3 Responses to “CT GOP Improving, But…”

  1. on 15 Jun 2011 at 9:10 amPatty in CT

    The GOP in CT is purple trying to blend into the blue. It’s sad to say, but as a social conservative, I feel that the GOP is “democrat light” and they’re not really trying to even meet me half way. McMahon was proof in the pudding.

    And I know social conservatives that voted for Malloy simply because neither candidate was pro life. Great mess we’re in now because CT GOP can’t get it right…

  2. on 18 Jun 2011 at 9:28 pmShirley Gainey

    Tom Foley is the wrong choice for Governor or Senator or any other statewide or national public office.

    Tom Foley failed to disclose his TWO ARRESTS. He was exposed by a Hartford Courant investigative reporter.

    Tom Foley allegedly falsified his Federal security clearance forms to the US Congress, so he could get his cushy Ambassador job in Ireland from George W. Bush.

    TOM FOLEY still has to better explain his layoffs of thousands of employees at BIBB TEXTILES CORPORATION, while at the same time taking out millions of dollars personally from that company that he apparently ruined.

  3. on 22 Jun 2011 at 8:48 amwjr

    The GOP is a reflection of the state – you can’t expect the GOP to worry about “guns, God and gays” when the public doesn’t.

    If you want to effect change, you need to do it from the ground up. Personally, most Republicans I know don’t care about gay marriage so we can’t expect the GOP to care when a majority of the state doesn’t. All about working from the ground up.

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