Remember when FIC forced DCF to break its links to “gay Bible” workshops last year and the Courant botched the story:

The inevitable Susan Campbell column for next Sunday practically writes itself (”Why can’t those poor dears at FIC escape their misbeggoten fundamentalist upbringing and go on to write feminist dribble like me?”)

She’s so predictable:

The [True Colors Spiritual Institute] is privately funded, and that’s important to note. Last year, the state Department of Children and Families removed links from its website to open and affirming faith groups after the Family Institute of Connecticut — that bastion of “why can’t we all walk lock-step to heaven?” — kicked up a fuss.

Campbell ironically calls out FIC for not “stepping in to fill the gap” of mentoring gay Christian teens–as if she would approve of any step we would take. She opposes orthodox Christian sexual morality wherever it conflicts with political correctness. But there is a gap, given that Campbell and our state government look to the gay advocacy group True Colors to fill this role.

FIC members can help fill it by knowing and being able to articulate authentic Christian teaching on the dignity of the human person in the realm of sexuality. We recommend Born to Love, a clear, solid presentation of Catholic teaching on homosexuality and related topics by our friend Fr. John Waiss, a priest of Opus Dei. 

We also recommend Equally Yoked, the book just published by our friend Pastor Rick McKinniss of Wellspring Church. We invite you to attend the conference April 16-17 to launch his book, which reclaims the biblical mandate for a full and equal partnership between the genders.

2 Responses to “We Could Practically Write Her Columns For Her”

  1. on 12 Apr 2010 at 12:36 pmSteve

    True Colors is not just an exercise in propaganda, it’s also a promoter of absolute filth. It is a short course on self-destruction.

    A few years ago I actually attended a “True Colors” conference, and what I witnessed literally made me ill. It was, to describe it briefly, a short course on sexual anarchy and abandon. There were “workshops” on how to have any kind of sex one can imagine with anyone (and when I say “anyone”, I don’t necessarily mean with only “one.”) I don’t want to get too descriptive, but I will say that the only thing I can think of that I did not witness at the conference was instructions on bestiality. (Not to say that it wasn’t there, I just didn’t witness it. Thankfully.) Keep in mind that this conference was aimed at youth, was promoted by many groups including public schools, and many public school groups were there. There were hundreds of kids in attendance. Some of the “workshops” were for youth only. No-one over a certain age (if memory serves, 19) were allowed to attend these specific workshops. (A friend who attended the conference with me was 20 something, and was able to sneak by the door monitors for the youth only events.)

    One of the less graphic events I attended was a pro-homosexual biblical workshop which informed the eager listeners that biblical condemnation of homosexuality is a product of misunderstanding of cultural contexts or misinterpretations of the text, and that Saint Paul was basically a poor, ignorant bigot that couldn’t understand that he too was a product of his backwards culture.

    So, suffice to say, any action that slows down the progress of the foul True Colors group is progress indeed. The only “gaps” that need to be filled exist between the ears of Susan Campbell and the promoters of these conferences, and in the space that may once have been occupied by their hearts.

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