New CT Pro-Life Blog!

The fight to see every unborn child protected in law and welcomed in life heats up in a major way this week with the expected vote on Obamacare, which will mandate public financing of abortion. How fortunate for us, then, to have a new Connecticut ally in the pro-life cause.

Concerned Catholics for Connecticut and Friends states its goal succinctly:

My purpose is to try and get someone in Connecticut (or more than one) elected to high office in Washington who would be pro-life for a change: And secondly, to get a movement started to ban Late-Term D&E Abortion of babies post 21-weeks gestation, on the precedent of the Federal Ban Act on Partial Birth Abortion (D&X).

The CCCF blog is chock full of information for acheiving that end–some of which proved helpful to me just yesterday in an interview on the Dan Lovallo Show regarding the state of abortion issue. We have added CCCF to our links so that this research is always available to us–and to you–at the click of a button. It will be key to winning the battles that lie ahead.

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