Nearly everyone expects the Brass City’s two hospitals, St. Mary’s and Waterbury Hospital, to merge soon. One is a Catholic institution, the other is a secular one known to perform abortions. Buried deep in a May 12th Republican-American article on St. Mary’s interim CEO was this:

Asked whether he thinks religious issues–such as abortion–could derail or at least slow down the merger process, Casey acknowledged that the issues exist, but also said he is confident the two hospitals would eventually get around to signing the letter [of intent to merge].

“They (religious issues) clearly are a hurdle…,” he said in one breath, “…and I’m optimistic the LOI will be signed,” he said in the next.

At the risk of causing St. Mary’s interim CEO to take a few extra breaths, we do hope the hospital will avoid rushing into this merger until it receives some assurances that its religious liberty will be protected. Connecticut’s Catholic hospitals, after all, do seem to be a favorite target of the state’s anti-Christian secularists…and not only in the matter of Plan B.

To this day, we still do not know what became of the complaint of bias filed two years ago against St. Mary’s Hospital by a homosexual doctor upset with the Catholic institution’s refusal to recognize his civil union. Back then, St. Mary’s spokesman patiently explained to the media that it could not acquiesce to the doctor’s demand because it is a Catholic institution that abides by the Church’s “ethical and religious” teachings.

Did the hospital later compromise on the Church’s teaching regarding marriage when it comes to the same-sex unions of its employees? And will it compromise on abortion when it comes to the merger with Waterbury Hospital?

This is one more story that bears watching… 

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  1. on 01 Jun 2008 at 9:35 pmStopp Planned Parenthood of Connecticut

    I was arrested July 9th, 2005 while peacefully praying and picketing Planned Parenthood of Connecticut in New Haven. I made the mistake of either accepting a restraining order from PPC or being thrown back in jail with a $1,500.00 bail until the case is over. While on probation from PPC I did some reseach on the Waterbury Health Acsess Program of which St. Mary’s Hospital Family Health center is a member along with waterbury Hospital Health center. The Waterbury Hospital Health Center provides a list of Surgical Abortionists in their office or at Waterbury hospital two of which are affiliated with St. Mary’s Hospital, Ian M. Cohen, MD and Richard C. Holden.
    The Women’s services, Naugatuck Valley OB/GYN Associates and Associated Women’s Health Specialists of which The two abortionists Ian M. Cohen, MD and Richard C. Holden, MD have one of their offices at 133 Scovill Street suite 206, Waterbury, CT are located in the St. mary’s Hosital parking garage and have another office at 140 Grandview Ave., suite 202, Waterbury, CT. All of these OB/GYN’s advertise Contraception on their waiting room TV/Vidios and dispense contraceptive perscriptions.
    There is only one prolife Napro-Tecknology GYN, in Connecticut for christian women and her name is Dr. Judith Mascolo, cell # 1-860-869-3472 and she is located in West Hartford by the grace of God.
    Waterbury Health Access Program also has a free transportation service Van that drives PPC clients to their super SA clinic in New Haven who target poor Black and Hispanic women.
    Another dirty little secret is that the residents from St. Mary’s Hospital and residency Programs man the Women’s Health table at the Waterbury Community Health fair and pass out PPC literature.
    Besides our Bishops caving into the abortificient nature of the Plan B drug at St. mary’s now, and the merger of both hospitals in Waterbury, my take is that PPC will jump at the chance to open a PPC, SA clinic in Waterbury if they think this will yield a murder for profit paid for by our tax dollars.
    The Bishops in the Archdiocese of Hartford need to send a letter of investigation to Cohen and Holden.
    Letting the state anf federal governments withhold funding from the Catholic hospitals should of been the answer to the dispensing of the Plan B pills on their property.
    So there you have it folks about the staff infection at St. Mary’s Hospital. You cant honestly call it catholic anymore unfortunately.

  2. on 05 Jun 2008 at 8:20 pmStopp Planned Parenthood of Connecticut

    Sorry my proofreading is so bad in the previous comment as I would have had to rewrite the the whole blog to do so due to a virus or something.

  3. on 30 Jun 2008 at 8:23 pmStopp Planned Parenthood of Connecticut

    The latest report is that St. Mary’s Hospital in Waterbury has sadly lost its Catholic status and that it, along with Waterbury Hospital will be emerging and building a new facility near the railroad in Waterbury.

  4. on 07 Aug 2008 at 3:52 pmStopp Planned Parenthood of Connecticut

    This is the second time now I have been told to refer my ‘saves’ back to Planned Parenthood of Connecticut in Waterbury for a pregnancy test after praying and picketing there and at the PPC in New Haven, by the receptionist at the desk of St. Mary’s Hospital OBGYN clinic, that moved and is restructured at 95 Scovill Ave. Waterbury, 06706, 203-709-3800.
    Even Carolyn’s Place Pregnancy Care Center did not answer their telephone that day on Wednesday morning, July 23rd, 2008.
    St. Raphael Hospital OBGYN Family Clinic in New Haven accepts walk in pregnacy test patients as well as Huskey, Medicaid and SAGA state offered insurance plans by the grace of God.
    Something needs to be done to accomidate these girls and women to help them more easily access these Catholic health care facilities in Waterbury.

  5. on 23 Sep 2008 at 11:25 amCampaignPete

    Catholic hospitals in Connecticut (St. Francis, St. Raphael, etc.) will be quietly going away in the coming years. Unless the Christian community decides to wake up.

    What is happening “down under” will be coming to CT soon!

    I would expect them to be sold, rather than shut down. So there will be a commercial hospital in Hartford named St. Francis. Our legislators will not object to them keeping the name, I suppose.

    For 35 years, pastors of every demonination have been indifferent to the “pro-choice” philosophy of their church members. Look at where it has gotten us. “That abortion issue is just politics”, the pastors would say.

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