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10,000 members of the United Church of Christ are expected in Hartford this week for its General Synod. The denomination has shrunk in the last two years due, in large part, to its endorsement of same-sex “marriage:” Since the last General Synod, in 2005, when more than 80 percent of delegates voted to endorse gay marriage, […]

Last Christmas I criticized the anti-Christian slant of the Courant’s holiday editions. So when our local paper of record makes it a point to honor–rather than undermine–a traditional celebration it seems only fair to give it equal notice. And the Courant’s Father’s Day edition is definitely worthy of notice. Yesterday’s paper starts off right by seeking […]

Hours ago the Massachusetts state legislature voted against allowing the people of that state to decide the future of marriage: BOSTON – Massachusetts lawmakers blocked a proposed constitutional amendment Thursday that would have let voters decide whether to ban gay marriage in the only state that allows it… Former Gov. Mitt Romney, now running for […]

Your humble scribe appears in the “Both Sides” feature of today’s Courant. I am debating a Hartford school official on the wisdom of school-based programs providing contraceptives to teenagers. An excerpt: “Distribution of contraceptives in the public schools will not lower the rates at which our teens become pregnant or become infected with sexually transmitted diseases. […]

Articles in several of today’s newspapers summing up the 2007 regular legislative session–which ended at midnight–are notable for what they are refusing to mention: the effective defeat of this year’s same-sex “marriage” bill. This piece by the AP, for instance, gives a run down of the “winners” and “losers” of the 2007 session. Such burning issues as “elephants” […]

From the Hartford Advocate: Connecticut students must spend a minimum number of days in their classrooms each year, or face penalties ranging from failing grades to truancy charges. For kids with medical problems, meeting these attendance requirements can be a challenge. Some parents who have chosen to homeschool such children claim they’re being harassed for […]

It’s not yet certain, but lobbying by pro-family voters may have doomed this year’s transgendered special rights bill: The proposal had made its way through several legislative committees earlier this year and was approved by the state Senate May 23. But after nearly three hours of House debate Monday afternoon, the bill was set aside, […]

Congratulations to Joseph Henares, the homeschooled 14-year-old from Avon who tied for third in the National Spelling Bee: After advancing through the first eight rounds by correctly spelling words like “punaise” (a small bloodsucking insect), “furfuraceous” (of or containing bran), and “triticale” (a hybrid of wheat and rye), Joseph’s streak ended with “aniseikonia,” a kind […]

No, it wasn’t because of FIC Blog. The vote by Trinity Episcopal Church to split from the denomination has been a long time coming: But the Clarks – along with the vast majority of the congregation – have decided to risk their long association with Trinity by voting to split from the Episcopal Church over differences […]

FIC’s May 23rd Rally for Marriage was a success, drawing our largest-ever weekday crowd. Roughly 300 pro-family citizens like you attended the event to show their support for marriage protection and to support a rare constitutional opportunity to let the people decide. The Rally began with an invocation by Pastor William Ashburn of the First Assembly of […]

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