No, it wasn’t because of FIC Blog. The vote by Trinity Episcopal Church to split from the denomination has been a long time coming:

But the Clarks – along with the vast majority of the congregation – have decided to risk their long association with Trinity by voting to split from the Episcopal Church over differences of opinion about Scripture that have manifested themselves in public squabbles over the ordination of gay clergy and the blessing of same-sex unions.

But by voting to join the Anglican Church of Nigeria, Trinity Episcopal does seem to be applying the same logic laid out by Dave in his April 20th post: they have found “another church that is properly grounded in Biblical truth.” It could also be that they wanted to get the ball rolling before pro same-sex “marriage” Bishop Andrew Smith sent his henchmen to change the locks, confiscate the property and remove the Vestry–something he actually did to another conservative church in Bristol.

Our prayers are with those orthodox Christians still within the Episcopal communion as well as those who have left. The best place to follow the fight for the faith in Connecticut’s Episcopal Diocese is here.

2 Responses to “Bristol Parish Votes to Split From Episcopal Church”

  1. on 06 Jun 2007 at 8:26 amDave

    For those seeking to follow the national scope of events with respect to schism in the Episcopal church, you may want to take look at

  2. on 06 Jun 2007 at 6:24 pmDavid

    I certainly support this and other church’s right to separate from the Episcopal church if they feel they must. But joining with Akinola from Nigeria is simply inexcusable. This man totally ignores the issues that are destroying his country, and adds the weight of his position to the support of the gay marriage bill that is one of the most uncivilized and oppressive bills proposed by any gov’t since the Nazis. He is obsessed with destroying LGBT lives around the world and about as “christian” as the rat that runs around our dumpster. In fact the rat is closer to God than Akinola can ever hope to be without a total transformation. Rather than being in his own country at a time of crisis (what better place for a “christian” leader to be) he is here stirring up trouble in a situation that is frankly none of his business. Some among the third world churches are attempting drag their denominations into another dark ages of fanatic religious interference in the lives of people outside their churches. Humanity deserves that no more than we deserve the inhuman attitudes of the world’s dictators. Any US church that aligns with Akinola and his goon squad are not only denying their Christianity but also their support of the beliefs of the United States of America. They are choosing to align with darkness and abusive power rather than freedom and justice. There is no God in that.

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