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In seeking to redefine marriage to include same-sex partnering, a crucial element within the institution of marriage is being discarded as if it were irrelevant – the conjugal aspect. Sociologists explain that while marriage is a complex relationship, it exists primarily in support of two purposes: 1. The companionate aspect, whereby two adults choose to […]

From the Courant’s website: Despite continuing negotiations with the Catholic Church, the state Senate plans to press forward with a vote today on a bill that would require all hospitals to provide emergency birth control pills to rape victims… The bill the Senate plans to consider today would allow Catholic hospitals to contract with an […]

Liberal bloggers have tried hard to foster the false impression that the Judiciary Committee’s African-American members were unanimously opposed to Brian during his testimony against same-sex “marriage.” As is the case with so much else that our opponents would like the public to believe about that hearing, the truth intrudes on their plans. From a Stamford […]

Courant on Motherly Guilt

A Sunday Courant piece provides a local angle on a study we’ve been hearing a lot about: Research recently delivered some good news to today’s mothers: They actually spend more so-called quality time with their children than mothers did 40 years ago, in the heyday of stay-at-home moms…According to a University of Maryland study, mothers […]

Our opponents were incredulous when pro-family speakers at last month’s same-sex “marriage” hearing discussed the threat to free speech. But–as first noticed by Pray Connecticut–Christian students at Danbury High School required a letter from attorneys to protect their free speech rights once those rights ran afoul of politically correct ideology: The Alliance Defense Fund reports that […]

The Courant ran a long front page story on Saturday highlighting the case of Becca, a 13 year old pro same-sex “marriage” activist in Windsor and the same-sex household in which she is being raised. (The front page helpfully points the reader to the accompanying Courant-made video, which is so lacking in balance that I thought I […]

The Sacred Triduum

“O happy fault, O necessary sin of Adam, which gained for us so great a Redeemer!” –from the Easter Vigil’s Exultet Tonight begins the Sacred Triduum, the three most sacred days of the year in the Christian calendar. FIC wishes a happy and holy Easter to all.

I’ve received an amazing amount of correspondence appalled at the performance of Mike Lawlor, Andrew McDonald, Ed Gomes, and William Tong in the public hearing.  Because of the Catholic League, Lifesitenews, and Air Maria this story has gone national.  Many of our supporters have found great ways to make their concerns known.  I wanted to share […]

That’s the title of an item on the popular LifeSite News regarding last week’s hearing. Other websites are linking to Lifesite’s article and FIC is being inundated with e-mail messages supporting Brian. An excerpt from Lifesite: Representative Michael Lawlor, a proponent of homosexual ‘marriage’ repeatedly asserted falsely that Brown, a Catholic, believed homosexual people were intrinsically […]

In a campaign stop in New Hampshire Chris Dodd–our state’s senior U.S. Senator and a Democratic candidate for president–said he opposes same-sex “marriage:” Dodd, who opposed a constitutional amendment to limit marriage to man-woman unions, said he supports civil unions, but not gay marriage. Asked afterward what he sees as the difference, he said: “I don’t […]

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