Parental Notification Hearing

On Friday the Select Committee on Children held the first major discussion of abortion to take place at the LOB in years:

Connecticut is one of six states that does not require parents be notified or give their consent if their underage daughter is seeking an abortion.

On one side are those who find it appalling that a 13-year-old needs her parents’ permission to pierce her ears but can obtain an abortion without their knowledge.

On the other side are those who support the current law, which requires underage girls to receive counseling from a medical or mental health professional before obtaining an abortion…

Several lawmakers said they were impressed by what they heard and hope that those on all sides of the issue can engage in a dialogue on how to deal with teen pregnancy.

The hearing room was packed with veterans of our state’s pro-life movement. But, as noted by the Catholic Church’s Dave Reynolds, the issue stretches beyond the usual abortion divide. Polls show about 80% support for parental notication laws–a number which includes many “pro-choicers” who view it not as an abortion issue but as a matter of parental rights.

It’s rare to find something that both pro-lifers and pro-choicers can agree on. So how does the abortion industry react to the overwhelming consensus regarding such a common sense law?

By demonstrating their extremism. Following the testimony Sen. Ed Meyer–hardly a pro-life stalwart–asked Planned Parenthood if they would accept something even less than parental notification: an amendment to the current law requiring girls 15 and under to receive counseling before getting an abortion. Would Planned Parenthood, Meyer asked, support an amendment requiring 16 and 17 year old girls to also receive counseling? The CEO for the state’s largest abortion provider answered no.

This is the sort of pro-abortion extremism we must overcome in order to pass a very basic parental rights law supported by both pro-lifers and pro-choicers. Watch for more information on what you can do to overcome this pro-abortion resistance to allowing parents to be notified about one of the most important decisions their minor daughters will ever make.

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  1. on 30 Apr 2007 at 8:56 amGenghis Conn

    But refusing to agree to a compromise that all but three members of the Senate (including pro-lifers like Kissel and Caliguiri) agreed to is heroic, right?

    Basically, PP is just doing what the Church did: holding absolutely fast to their beliefs. But that’s an example of “pro abortion extremism.” Will you then agree with me that the Church’s position on Plan B is anti-abortion extremism?

    I look forward to your convoluted reply.

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