Pro same-sex “marriage” activists like to remind us that the American Academy of Pediatrics is just fine with children being raised in same-sex households. The reminder usually comes in a tone suggesting that the AAP’s opinions on child rearing are of such magisterial authority that anything it says on the subject ought to be the end of the discussion.

I wonder if these same activists are reading family psychologist John Rosemond’s “Parent and Child” syndicated column in today’s Courant:

In a recent article on co-sleeping (the peculiar New Age practice of sleeping with one’s child or children to facilitate “bonding”), I made the following comment: “… even the generally limp-wristed American Academy of Pediatrics has come out against it.”

A number of people, including a pediatrician, have asked what I meant by that.

Rosemond gives several examples of what he meant by that and ends with this:

The problem here is that pediatricians are the first people most parents go to with discipline problems. Unfortunately, they are probably more apt to give bad advice than good advice.

But I don’t fault them. After all, they receive very little competent training in either medical school or their residencies in child behavior and child development [emphasis added]. I fault the AAP for making a bad situation even worse.

3 Responses to “AAP “Falling Down On the Job””

  1. on 19 Apr 2007 at 10:37 pmchele

    This criticism from Rosemond, the pop psychologist with a master’s degree?

    The guy who has suggested that ADHD is caused by the flicker on television screens?

    The guy who is advertising a sale on his speaking fees — 40% off? AND will speak at American schools in Europe “for travel expenses and a reasonable per diem?”

    What’s next? Rosemond standing on a street corner with a sign, “Will counsel for food?”

    The guy who charges $19.95/year to “join” his website (no refunds)?

    Another “opinion for hire.” Pretty funny he thinks he can criticize the AAP.

  2. on 20 Apr 2007 at 4:45 amPeter

    Almost two days since this was posted before someone could muster a response…and the best you could do was attack his credentials while ignoring his point? How typical.

  3. on 20 Apr 2007 at 2:47 pmchele

    Sorry Peter, I don’t hang on your every word.

    Credentials were the heart of Rosemond’s criticism of the AAP — he claimed that pediatricians don’t receive training in child behavior and/or development. I suspect that’s a false statement and will research it if you’d like. He obviously overlooked pediatric psychiatrists at the very least, wouldn’t you guess?

    I’d submit that Rosemond’s master’s degree in psychology isn’t credential enough to criticize pediatricians. As far as I can see, he’s kind of an Oprah of child psychologists who likes to reminisce about his grandma.

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