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Turns out there were, according to one online account, “4 or 5 shady bloggers” at last week’s press conference. That mostly explains the discrepancy between the hostile Q and A Brian faced and the generally respectful MSM coverage he actually received.

(Not that FIC Blog minds the bloggers since this is, after all, a blog.  Indeed, I was disappointed by the absence of Connecticut Bob, the merry prankster of the blogging Left, and his video camera. I had been practicing my best “I’ll crush them!” voice for the occasion.)

On the Right, Radio Free West Hartford’s Doug Wrenn had some typically strong words for nearly everyone who has brought us to this point–including Governor Rell:

Yes, without the use of crystal balls or tealeaves, our prediction from the last “Civil Unions” debacle has sadly come to fruition. Gay marriage is now an issue. Governor Rell has said she will veto any gay marriage bill that comes across her desk in this now veto-proof session. That’s nice. Indulge me in a brief euphoric moment of “coulda shoulda woulda,” but our toe in the water, finger in the air, “pink dog” Republican Governor should have at least attempted a veto on civil unions, the kid brother of gay marriage. But now having done damage, the Governor is taking a stand, kind of like when President Bush said the campaign finance reform bill was unconstitutional, just before he signed it into law. I guess you could call that “Deja Without A View.” But that’s OK, Governor, it’s the thought that counts. Now that the horses are out, please do close the barn door.

Whenever FIC is on the radar of local lefty bloggers their analysis–if you can call it that–is usually on about this level:

What is it with the Republican/Religious right fascination/obsession with Gay sex??? Normal heterosexual men do not obsess on Gay sex – they’re interested in women. Two men or two women getting married has zero effect on another married couple. To all the religious freaks out there: MYOFB. Keep your Bible, Koran, Rig Veda, etc. out of my life. Thank you.

But Left Nutmegger Matt W offered a more interesting critique than normal and it is worth a mention in this space. I want to get his errors out of the way and then address the substance of his criticism.

First, it’s not true that the legislature can’t introduce non-spending bills in even-numbered years. Sen. DeLuca’s point about same-sex “marriage” supporters refusing to introduce their bill during an election year for fear of public reaction, therefore, stands.

Second, our “base,” although certainly welcome to attend, were not at the press conference because it was not out goal to get them there. But don’t worry, Matt; that will come soon enough. 

Third, it’s not at all clear that a non-binding referendum is unconstitutional. Sen. DeLuca mentioned the one in the early 90’s on spending caps. Even at our opponents’ press conference–in a comment that received no attention in the MSM–Sen. McDonald admitted that there is a disagreement between the attorney general and the secretary of state over this.

Fourth, the Catholic Church did support our press conference: their legislative liasion, two of their contract lobbyists and even someone on the national level were present in the room. That no Church representative was “standing” with Brian (neither was I) was due more to the Connecticut Catholic Conference being between executive directors. (But the wishful thinking here is noteworthy. Even at this late date it is the Catholic Church that still scares the living daylights out of our opponents. What was that again about the “gates of Hell” not prevailing?) 

Finally, here’s Matt’s bottom line on FIC:

Basically, the plan seems to be to gin up resentment by haranguing legislators who ignore their plainly unconstitutional proposal to hold a statewide non-binding referendum on marriage…At the same time though, even in their presentation, there’s a real sad kind of quality to their maneuvering, since they don’t seem to have any expectation that any of this will accomplish anything…it’s still important to keep an eye on what they’re doing, because even though they’re idiots, they also seriously promote a worldview where sexual liberty must be eliminated to preserve religious liberty.  

So we’re the ones ginning up resentment. Really? What gins up resentment more than claiming that anyone who disagrees with you is a bigot and the moral equivalent of Bull Connor with his fire hoses and police dogs? It’s that sort of rhetoric that inspired some to vandalize pro-family churches in the dead of night and make a death threat against the former executive director of the Connecticut Catholic Conference.

If the “resentment” claim is based on the obstacles we face in getting the legislature to approve our referendum idea then, again, how does one explain our opponents? Gov. Rell has flatly stated that she will veto same-sex “marriage” and they don’t have the votes to override it. So are they only ginning up resentment by wasting legislators’ time on something that will fail? (The referendum idea, by contrast, can be embraced by those on both sides of the same-sex “marriage” issue.)

We’re about thirty years behind the Left in Connecticut. We have no illusions that victory will come overnight. But it can come if we remain patient, faithful and diligent. Brian said it at the press conference: we’re not going away, we’re here for the long haul.

God willing, that will prove true. And our opponents will have many more opportunities to size us up as we go about the business of reclaiming our culture for faith, family and freedom…one step at a time.


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  1. on 05 Feb 2007 at 4:22 pmchele

    “as we go about the business of reclaiming our culture for faith, family and freedom”

    Whose culture?

    Whose faith?

    Whose family?

    Whose freedom?

  2. on 05 Feb 2007 at 4:34 pmmatt

    30 years behind the left? Well, if we both still live here in 2036, I look forward to your enthusiastic support of marriage equality 🙂

  3. on 05 Feb 2007 at 9:57 pmConnecticut Bob

    Hey, thanks for the mention. I’m sorry that I’ve been so busy lately, but it’s good to know I’ve been missed! 🙂

    I have been reading FIC blog regularly, but every time a hot-button topic comes up, I’m usually too late as some of my compadres have already voiced my feelings and I’m not much of a “me too” guy.

    I really do live for those “I will crush you!” moments, and I look forward to many more opportunities to capture them on tape.

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