“The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision Tuesday to uphold Oregon’s right-to-die law likely will heat up Connecticut’s assisted suicide debate,” says a story in today’s Danbury News-Times. Yet another way in which Connecticut’s culture of death pushes forward.

The story quotes three state legislators who favor this development (none who oppose it) and doctors on both sides. And there is this:

Marie Hilliard, executive director of the Connecticut Catholic Conference, said Tuesday she was “extremely disappointed” by the court’s decision because it gave state approval to harm “the most vulnerable” members of society and sanctions a “slippery slope” approach to medical care that could lead to state-sanctioned euthanasia.

“We have to be very concerned,” she said.

Hilliard also said she expects the issue, which has been before the General Assembly in the past, to return in the coming year.

If it does return, Dr. Hilliard will not be alone in that fight. Disability activists, pro-lifers and Connecticut’s pro-family movement will all stand with her if this legislature launches yet another salvo at the state’s most defenseless citizens under the guise of “rights.”

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