And here’s the kicker: it’s Gov. Rell’s church. An excerpt from Tuesday’s Danbury News-Times:

BROOKFIELD – The sign at the front of St. Paul’s Church changed just a little in recent weeks.

It used to read St. Paul’s Episcopal, which is the term used in the United States for churches that belong to the worldwide Anglican community.

Now the sign says St. Paul’s Anglican Church. Although the change represents only one fewer letter, it means a whole lot more.

It signals the parish’s move away from the Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut, because of its support of the consecration of Bishop Gene Robinson of New Hampshire in 2003 as the first actively gay bishop…

St. Paul’s pastor, Rev. Andrew Buchanan, who arrived at the church three years ago, said the new sign was needed anyway and that it broadens the church’s identity by helping newcomers from other parts of the world recognize their church in the United States.

“It’s our way of identifying with the larger communion,” Buchanan said last week. “We have a very close relationship with a bishop in Tanzania and their church is called Anglican.”

Buchanan said some see this change as a chance to distance the local church from the diocese, but he said the church has a healthy relationship with the diocesan bishop?

Gov. M. Jodi Rell, who last year signed legislation for civil unions for same-sex couples, attends the church. In July 2004 the Rev. George Crocker of St. Paul’s gave the invocation at her inauguration.

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