Do the state’s establishment lefties–those professional activists who work tirelessly for the right to kill unborn children and destroy the institution of marriage as we have known it–possess a sense of irony? Here is an excerpt from today’s Connecticut Post:

HARTFORD – An umbrella group of statewide union members and social activists on Thursday used the Capitol complex as a rallying point for opposition to the nomination of Judge Samuel Alito Jr. to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Members of the Connecticut Coalition for Judicial Responsibility held a news conference, then delivered petitions containing names of 11,000 residents opposing the nomination to the offices of U.S. Sens. Chris Dodd and Joe Lieberman.

They warned that Alito’s positions on a variety of issues, including gender discrimination, civil and voting rights, family support, privacy and the separation of church and state, appear to threaten the values of most Connecticut residents. “We have gathered here today to tell you Judge Alito’s extensive record has proven that he is not the right choice for Connecticut,” said Alice Pritchard, executive director of Connecticut Women’s Educational and Legal Fund…

Anne Stanback, executive director of the gay-rights Love Makes a Family Inc., another group in the coalition, said Alito’s vow to protect “traditional values” could be an open threat for the rights of many in Connecticut.

Wait a minute. The Family Institute of Connecticut gathered 100,000 petitions from state residents asking the legislature not to legalize same-sex “marriage” or its “facsimile” and to instead pass a Defense of Marriage Act. The state’s left-wing activists responded by urging the General Assembly to ignore our petitions. In response to our campaign to “Let the People Decide,” Anne Stanback sniffed “that simply is not how we make laws in Connecticut.”

But now these same pro-abortion/pro same-sex “marriage” activists want Senators Dodd and Lieberman to heed their comparatively-paltry 11,000 anti-Alito signatures?

This episode proves two things: 1) Our opponents are hypocrites and 2) Judge Alito’s respect for the Constitution and for our nation’s heritage of faith and family are far more representative of the values of Connecticut than are the values of the special interest groups opposing him.

We urge our members to watch for future FIC e-mail alerts for information on what they can do to help confirm Judge Alito.

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