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Tweet Pin It It was a battlefield carefully chosen by Connecticut’s pro-abortion establishment. But they did not count on a profile in courage, Victim Advocate James Papillo, offering public testimony exposing their effort to force Catholic hospitals to provide the “Plan B” pill for the pro-abortion attack on religious freedom that it is. Pro-abortion activists […]

Tweet Pin It Reactions in defense of James Papillo have been coming in fast and furious over the last 24 hours or so. FIC sent an action alert yesterday inviting our members to e-mail their thanks to Dr. Papillo. Hundreds have already done so and you can too by clicking here. Annie Banno, Connecticut state […]

Tweet Pin It That didn’t take long. Just a few minutes ago I posted an item noting that Victim Advocate Papillo’s job is probably in jeopardy for being so forthright and truthful in the politically correct atmosphere of our state capitol. Now I discover this story, which broke a little over an hour ago: Lt. […]


Tweet Pin It Too rare for our state officials is the sort of courage displayed by Victim Advocate James Papillo in his public testimony yesterday: HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — State Victim Advocate James F. Papillo called on lawmakers Monday to oppose a bill requiring Connecticut hospitals, including Catholic institutions, to provide the “morning after pill” […]

Tweet Pin It State Victim Advocate James Papillo’s term of office ends this month and the Courant confirms that he “probably would not have been reappointed even if he had wanted to stay.” From the Courant story: Papillo’s outspokenness on one issue, in particular, gained him negative attention from many who felt that he had […]

Tweet Pin It A public hearing will be held Tuesday, March 6 at 9:00 a.m. on one of the most outrageous pro-abortion attacks on religious¬†liberty ever attempted in Connecticut. From the Connecticut Catholic Conference’s urgent action alert: Senate Bill 1343 “An Act¬† Concerning Compassionate Care For Victims of Sexual Assault”, which seeks to aid rape […]

Tweet Pin It From the front page of today’s Courant: Even as the Plan B emergency birth control pill was heading toward more widespread availability at pharmacy counters, 40 percent of rape victims who sought care at Connecticut hospitals in the first half of 2006 were not offered the medication or were sent home without […]

Tweet Pin It ‘Tis the season for anti-Catholic gimmicks at our state capitol. Pro-abortion activists have trotted out Miss Connecticut to support their efforts to force Catholic hospitals to provide abortion-inducing drugs: Miss Connecticut Heidi Alice Voight said Wednesday that she supports legislation that would require all Connecticut hospitals to provide emergency contraception to rape […]

Tweet Pin It The nation’s largest abortion provider will distribute free morning-after pills at locations around Connecticut tomorrow. This appears to be part of a renewed attempt to force the state’s Christian hospitals to provide chemical abortions. From liberal blog Connecticut Local Politics: Commentary: What does this have to with Connecticut Politics? Plan B was […]

Tweet Pin It The Archdiocese of Hartford aired a fascinating set of interviews with the U.S. Senate candidates last weekend. You can view it here (click on “Crossroads Magazine” and then on “Oct. 28/29 2006”). We won’t be making an endorsement in this race and I personally have not decided who I am voting for. […]

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