It’s famine to feast at FIC Action Committee when years ago an endorsement by a socially conservative, grassroots organization in Connecticut would have garnered little, if no attention – to now, where the mere mention or NOT of an endorsement on our blog is mewed, analyzed, closely watched and reported by Connecticut’s biggest and loudest political observers.  Who’s on our blog – or not, advisory members – or not . . . all the intrigue and observation IS deserved because thanks to our members, FIC is Connecticut’s best known and most effective organization fighting for our families in our state. 

Our members have known for years how important an FIC Action Committee endorsement is to determine which candidates to spiritually, physically and financially support and vote for. We’re glad others are beginning to report and share our blogs and lists too! We encourage you and others interested in which politicians have FIC Action Committee’s support to watch for our formal list of endorsed candidates later this summer. 

Want a preview?  Yes, searching  blog post archives can be a good (yet sometimes fleeting) place to check, and even people who don’t report the news for a living can figure out that members of our advisory boards will garner our favor.  We hope that you and others will continue to watch for endorsements by the Family Institute of Connecticut Action Committee.

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