Our Agenda

Abortion/Euthanasia. The Family Institute of Connecticut believes in the sanctity of life from the moment of conception until natural death.

Child Care. We support policies which will enhance the ability of parents to care for their own children. While there are exceptions, we believe that the overwhelming majority of parents are best suited to make key decisions concerning the welfare and upbringing of their children.

Marriage and Divorce. The Family Institute of Connecticut supports Marriage Savers, a nationwide movement designed to prevent divorce through pre-marital counseling and other helpful preventative measures.  (A recent study has found that in the 114 counties where a Marriage Savers Community Policy exists, divorce rates have dropped by nearly 18 percent from 1996, compared to only a nine percent drop in comparable counties with no such policy.)  We also support public policies that limit the current no-fault divorce laws and believe that adults should make every effort toward reconciliation before considering divorce. Other worthwhile links on marriage:

FIC Marriage Resources:

Why Marriage Matters: Twenty One Conclusions from the Social Sciences - Institute for American Values
The Top Ten Myths of Marriage David Popenoe, The National Marriage Project

Education. We endorse school choice. Initially, Connecticut could institute choice programs as a local option. If such programs succeed, then choice could be instituted more widely. Giving parents greater freedom to choose successful schools will tap into the benefits of competition, resulting in a stronger public education system.

Family Structure. The two-parent family (a man and a woman united in marriage) is the best environment for rearing children. The Family Institute of Connecticut encourages public policies which support the two-parent family.

FIC Family Resources:

Transcript of Brian Brown's Prepared Testimony on HB 5001 and 5002 to the House Judiciary Committee, February 10, 2002

If you would like to help us with our mission, have a question about Connecticut public policy (insofar as it relates to the Family), or just want more information about us, please call us toll-free at 877-33-FAMILY, fax us at 860-548-9545, or e-mail us at info@ctfamily.org. All donations to the Family Institute of Connecticut are tax-deductible. Thanks for your interest.

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