Two Ways to Protect Marriage

There are two ways to protect marriage from liberal interest groups, detached politicians, and activist judges: An amendment to the U.S. Constitution; or an amendment to the Connecticut State Constitution.

Federal Marriage Amendment

Clearly, for those who wish to protect the definition of marriage as between one man and one woman, an amendment to the United States Constitution is the ultimate goal. With an amendment to the federal Constitution, every state, regardless of runaway legislatures, activist judges, or well-funded action groups, would be compelled to respect the federal definition of marriage. Amendments to the federal Constitution cannot be overruled by any judge or any politician and would be binding on every state and jurisdiction. The Federal Marriage Protection Amendment is now pending in the United States Senate and is scheduled for a vote in June 2006. The Family Institute of Connecticut is actively supporting the campaign to achieve passage of this critical amendment. Click here to contact your senator to express your support.

Amendment of the Connecticut State Constitution

Without amendment to the federal Constitution, the next best opportunity to protect the definition of marriage here in Connecticut is through an amendment to the state Constitution. As with a federal amendment, an amendment to the State Constitution would be binding on all courts and jurisdictions within the State of Connecticut, unable to be judicially reviewed or overruled. The Connecticut State Constitution may be amended either through direct action of the State Legislature or through a Constitutional Convention, which is available to the voters of Connecticut every twenty years. The Family Institute of Connecticut is fighting to insure that the voice of the people can be heard through the Constitutional Convention process and is leading the effort to secure a Constitutional Convention and, through the Convention, to pass an amendment to the Connecticut State Constitution protecting the definition of marriage.


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