Family Institute of Connecticut is honored to have as the keynote speaker of our September 27th Banquet Eric Metaxas.

As we mentioned in FIC’s Feb. 25th and June 11th email alerts, Eric, who grew up in Connecticut, is a rising star, the author of a best-selling biography of Dietrich Bonhoeffer (and other books), a voice of the Christian radio commentary Breakpoint, and someone whom we at FIC consider to be a latter day Chuck Colson.

But that brief description is not enough. To see how fortunate FIC is to have this man as our 2013 speaker, you have to experience for yourself Eric’s wit, his humor, his good spirit. As we promote FIC’s Banquet over these next few months, one of our goals is to make our members more familiar with the work of our keynote speaker.

This link is a video of Eric Metaxas’ speech before President Obama at the 2012 National Prayer Breakfast.

Addressing a large audience that included the President and Mrs. Obama, Eric Metaxas told them that “a living relationship with God must lead you to action” and even challenged his audience on the right to life of the unborn, the biblical truth about human sexuality and the need to love those with whom we disagree.

Winsome and winning, Eric Metaxas is a signature voice of Christian engagement with American culture in the 21st century. Family Institute of Connecticut is honored to have him keynote our Fifth Annual Banquet.

You can now purchase tickets online to FIC’s September 27th Banquet in Stamford by clicking here!

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