The 40 Days for Life campaign began yesterday, September 26th, in front of Hartford’s abortion clinic. Within hours, three women changed their minds about aborting their children and are instead working with FIC’s pro-life friends to give their children life.

Monday, October 1st is Family Institute of Connecticut’s day to fill the prayer vigil in front of the Hartford abortuary with FIC volunteers. The vigil will occur from 8 am to 6 pm. If you are able to give any time at all on that day–even one hour–please call FIC at 860-548-0066.

Do not be alarmed if you get our voice mail. We are swamped right now with last minute items related to FIC’s Annual Banquet. Simply follow the instructions and leave a message for FIC director of operations Larry Taffner, with your contact information and what time you can be available on Monday.

There is no pro-life project FIC engages in all year long that is closer to our heart than 40 Days for Life. We told you at the start of the last 40 Days for Life that we could close down an abortion clinic. Well, just last month an abortion clinic in Hartford closed down!

Prayer is effective. So is action. We can save lives right now–and eventually close down Connecticut’s other abortuaries–with your help.

Having FIC’s day at the abortuary so close to our Annual Banquet has limited our ability to gather volunteers for this life-saving endeavor. So please call Larry at FIC today if you are able to help. Thank you!

Click here to hear radio host Al Kim interview Peter Wolfgang on the 40 Days for Life, the FIC Banquet and more.

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