Sign recommended by pro-abortion "Unite Women" organizers.

Sign recommended by pro-abortion "Unite Women" organizers.

According to The Hartford Courant, this Saturday a self described rally to “Unite Women” will be held in Hartford.  Benefiting from multiple columnist plugs and free advertising in the Hartford Courant, and sponsorship by state funded groups (yes, your state tax dollars) and well-heeled pro-abortion groups (ah, more tax dollars), the rally is sure to draw and gin-up local activists upset about the national backlash against Planned Parenthood and unjust federal mandates against religious liberty.

Connecticut pro-abortion activists have reason to be concerned. As reported in The State of Abortion in Connecticut, Fourth Annual Report, October 2011, Connecticut remains an outlier, one of the few states with no parental or other trusted adult notification or consent for minors seeking abortion.  As a result, Connecticut is a hot spot for teens getting an abortion without their parent’s knowledge or consent.  While Planned Parenthood and NARAL might applaud such activity – we don’t have to look far to see children hurt when left to the untender mercies of Connecticut’s for-profit abortion providers and sexual predators.

From Charlotte Allen’s, “Planned Parenthood’s Unseemly Empire” (2007)

On August 1 in West Hartford, Connecticut, charges of criminal abduction were filed against a 41-year-old dog trainer named Adam Gault. For nearly a year, Gault had allegedly hidden a runaway girl, now 15, in the house he shared, Hugh Hefner-style, with two other girlfriends (ages 26 and 40 and also charged with crimes arising from the incident). He had gotten the teenager pregnant and procured an abortion for her on May 1 at a Planned Parenthood clinic in West Hartford. About a month later, police discovered the 15-year-old, whose mother had been searching frantically for her since her disappearance from home in June 2006, locked in a storage space under a staircase at the residence of Gault, a onetime workplace acquaintance of the girl’s stepfather. A DNA test on the corpse of the fetus indicated that Gault was its father. It is not known what sort of identification the girl, too young for a driver’s license, presented the clinic’s administrators. She apparently wouldn’t name the father, and it is all but certain that no one at Planned Parenthood went out of their way to inquire into the circumstances that led to her pregnancy.

Mr. Gault was convicted and is currently serving his sentence in a Connecticut prison.

No doubt, the Hartford Courant and other news outlets will give preferential treatment to these well-funded groups, portraying them as speaking for all women across the state.  This, when hundreds of women who demonstrated against the HHS mandate in Hartford on March 23, 2012 were completely ignored by the Courant and other news outlets. Also sure to be left out of the articles will be statistics showing the majority of women that support parental notification for minors seeking abortion.

These multi-million dollar organizations do not speak for the thousands of unborn women killed each year in Connecticut because their crime is to be unwanted.  Won’t you speak up for them by signing The Family Institute of Connecticut’s petition  and let it be known that Planned Parenthood does NOT speak for you.

10 Responses to “Ladies, Let Them Know: Planned Parenthood Does Not Speak For Us!”

  1. on 27 Apr 2012 at 10:01 amRich

    Keep up the great work Leslie. These liberal elitists do not speak for the majority of women in Connecticut who cherish and embrace their roles as wives and mothers. All this rally promotes is ABORTION and the baby killing industry. Abortion is a sacrament to these folks and they fear it will be taken away from them. Their fears are justified because a new day is coming to America when the right to life will prevail.

  2. on 27 Apr 2012 at 5:08 pmverna lilley

    We have worked with women who have had abortions and the emotional baggage they carry years later speaks for itself of the deep damage that abortion causes.

  3. on 27 Apr 2012 at 6:06 pmandrea remlin

    We will rally against anything that is not promoting the innocent life of children from the moment of conception. Our Lady of Guadalupe, patroness of the unborn will not let us down. We must continue to beg her powerful intercession on all those who are confused about the sanctity of life. Those who have been tramatized and brutally wounded by an abortion or several abortions, who cannot escape the reality of what has been done, daily wish that their lives were free of their guilt ridden conscience. Planned Parenthood needs to realize the damage done on those who have sought their services. It is a blood-money business in which we ask His MERCY. God will show whose Boss and there will be no escaping His justice. Planned Parenthood does NOT speak for us.

  4. on 27 Apr 2012 at 6:28 pmKate R.

    The rally that “spoke for me” was the one in March, on the 23rd, the one that protested the HHS mandates that mark for the first time, the American government demanding that Catholic health facilities provide contraception, abortion, and other procedures that Catholics simply cannot provide. The “modification” that they are to be provided via insurance companies is a red herring. Catholics cannot facilitate any of these items or procedures, it would betray our God and our faith.
    At the Rally to protest the HHS mandates and ask that our country continue the tradition and practice of providing religious freedom to all, a young woman strolled into our midst. A few of them actually. One young woman had a t-shirt on that is something I’ve never seen. On it, were the words There was also the question emblazoned across the front “WOULD YOU PREFER IT IF I USED A GUN?”. Coupled with the “” I can only surmise that this young woman is asking society if we would prefer she just shoot her baby, rather than tear it to shreds before he or she is born. I don’t think I can speak to how sick and ugly it would be that a woman would ask such a vulgar question. It indicates a real lack in human sensitivity and moral grounding. To wear it to a rally for a pro-life cause, would be the usual provocative strategies of the pro-abortion crowd, not known for being delicate or sensitive, certainly. Trying to stir up a response I suppose.

    I don’t know what to possibly say to such misguided thinking. I can imagine being a young woman and being confused about life. I was once a young and confused woman myself. All I can really say to young women is, you will change. You will not feel the same way about things, at say, 30, as you did at 20, so be cautious about what you do and what you support! It is always that way, because life changes you, unless you live in a vacuum. Life becomes more important, more miraculous, and if you have an open heart, more sacred.

    I encourage young women not to surround themselves with one viewpoint, because you can’t learn and grow that way. You will be stifled, and stagnant. If you surround yourself with animosity and anger, you will someday just be older and bitter, not a good way to spend your life.

    There is no “male hierarchy” dying to tell you what to do with your own body. I have been a Catholic for a long time, and if that was the case, believe me, I would know it. That is just part of the narrative that is used to keep you supporting abortion, the murder of babies. Don’t just accept it. See abortions. See partial-birth abortions. Find out the ugly reality of tearing a human child apart in his or her mother’s womb, or burning them, like a Nazi victim. Investigate ultrasounds, and see the incredible and truly miraculous development of a child, and how abortion really does “stop a beating heart”. If you can see these ultrasounds, and feel nothing, if you can see the photos of the ugly reality of abortion, and feel nothing, then something has gone wrong with your woman’s heart. Reason alone, not just emotion, will tell you the pro-abortion crowd is wrong.

    Feminists will cringe, but I don’t care at all, the truest and best contribution women will ever make, that of being a mother, and actually raising a happy, healthy child to full adulthood, is incredible. No career, no job, will ever compare to the importance of that, don’t believe the hype. At our deathbed, no one cares about jobs or careers. We care about our lives, our spouses, our children, our grandchildren. What did we accomplish that truly matters. It will happen alot quicker than you know.

    Life is sacred, mysterious, and worth more than anything else we encounter. Don’t let the feminist lie convince you that your greatest gift is nothing. As a mother, I promise you the greatest gift, that of being a mother and raising a child, is the greatest happiness you will ever have, if you realize it’s incomparable value and protect and cherish it.

    God bless you with the most important decision of your life, whether or not you support life, from conception to natural death. What else is as important as the answer to that question?

  5. on 27 Apr 2012 at 6:35 pmLisa Hnath

    Planned Parenthood is really End Parenthood. It just seems so hypocritical, not to mention arrogant and maniacal for those of us given the privilege of life to enthusiastically seek to end other’s lives. Are we God? Are we so special we can dictate life and death for others?

    No, it requires intellectual suicide, not to mention moral and spiritual death, to go down this road of horror, which is anything but new. It is the same road the Nazis took, where they were able to do atrocities to fellow human beings, with not a shred of guilt. Without remorse, they poured water, hour after hour, on naked people left out in the cold. All to see the effect – a high and holy scientific calling.

    No, killing fellow humans is not new. The Catacombs in Rome have all the tortures and deaths written down, in detail.

    100 years from now, today will be in a history book or efile. What will be the legacy of our nation? Will we wisely stand for what any normal thinking human being knows to be right? Will we stand up for the lives of those too weak to even cry?

    God is watching.

  6. on 28 Apr 2012 at 7:17 amHeather Mavis Rushing

    I’m a busy stay at home mom of 4. Two of which are on the autism spectrum.
    I have always been pro-life. I may not be seen at a rally at this point in my life but I want it to be known that I am just one (And I know many others) woman who wants to be counted.
    I believe that when the push for evolution started over a hundred years ago it fueled the fires of abortion, nazism and the like. I look to Gods word as the foundation to all discovery. Here is a website\organization that is loaded with fuel for the fire against abortion:

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  8. on 28 Apr 2012 at 9:23 amLisa J

    Women of faith will never “unite” in the name of murder of our unborn children. “Thou shalt not kill” is a commandment, not a suggestion. We all begin at conception.

  9. on 28 Apr 2012 at 7:32 pmJackie Nash

    We all have a choice. Make wise decisions. If you do not and find yourself in a difficult situation, be responsible. Remember, you made the choice to be careless if you become prenant by “surprise”. These are the 2k’s and the info is being taught in schools if not homes. It is all over the internet. Intercourse between a male & female = baby. If you did not abstain or your government encouraged contraceptive program failed you at least make a wiser decision and carry the baby to term and you will find loving it enough to keep it forever or if you recognize you are unable, many would love to adopt and love a child. There are many support groups, pro-life centers and churches who will stick with you during your pregnancy, delivery and help you and your baby get established. Remember, most make the decision to have intercourse, (% or rapes don’t account for the % of abortions) you had your choice. Now the soul living within your womb has his/her choice to life and cruel and torturous death. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE RESPONSIBLE.

  10. on 29 Apr 2012 at 10:33 pmenness

    I don’t think I can say much to add to this…just another pro-life woman appalled that this organization has the nerve to assume they speak for all or even most women.

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