The Lawlor-and-McDonald-controlled Judiciary Committee has scheduled a vote on S.B. 899, the same-sex “marriage” bill, for TOMORROW (Monday, March 30th)! In its present form, this bill will lead to the same-sex “marriage”-fueled attacks on religious liberty that we have seen in other states (Catholic Charities forced out of adoptions in Boston, Methodist church losing tax-exempt status over a pavilion for refusing to rent it to a lesbian ceremony, etc.). We must strike now to prevent this from happening in Connecticut!

If you click here you can send an e-mail to the members of the Judiciary Committee to tell them to do the right thing on S.B. 899. Here is what that e-mail says:

The Judiciary Committee was already used once this session to attack religious liberty. Don’t let it happen again! Please amend Section 7 of S.B. 899 so that same-sex marriage does not lead to attacks on religious liberty. Here is the amendment I support:

“No individual and no religious corporation, association, educational institution, or society shall be penalized or denied benefits under the laws of this state, including but not limited to laws regarding employment discrimination, housing, public accommodations, licensing or tax-exempt status, for refusing to solemnize or recognize the validity of any marriage, where solemnizing or recognizing the validity of that marriage would cause that individual or religious corporation, association, educational institution, or society to violate their sincerely held religious beliefs.”

This amendment is supported by the Family Institute and the Catholic Conference and simply restates federal protections already provided by the U.S. Constitution.

I also ask that you amend Section 17 so that only subsection 4 of CT general statute Sec. 46a-81r is repealed. This statute protects public morals in several different ways; even GLAD lawyer Ben Klein admitted that the Kerrigan ruling does not require it to be repealed. Only subsection 4 conflicts with Kerrigan and only subsection 4 should be repealed.

Finally, I ask that you remove Section 2 entirely from S.B. 899. The CT General Assembly has no power to export same-sex marriage to other states, as this section attempts to do. 

You can read more directions on sending the e-mail when you click on the link above. You can help FIC Action fight these attacks on faith and family in Connecticut by clicking here to donate. We invite all our supporters to attend TOMORROW’S debate and vote on S.B. 899, which will take place in Room 2C of the Legislative Office Building beginning at 12 PM. We need as many people as possible to e-mail the Judiciary Committee to tell them to stop yet another of the Committee’s attacks on religious liberty in our state. Thank you! 

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